<HCCE> Contract Creator Extended [Mod/Tool v1.7]

Xbox, more like L box


Xbox still not available.I got same error like Crewdy.
error logs here:

Error at not-awaited function in CreationController.SetOAuthBearer()

System.Exception: Bad UserId () in
   在 H3ContractExtension.HttpController.<>c__DisplayClass9_0.<<SetOAuthBearer>b__0>d.MoveNext()
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HCCE does not work with xbox at all currently. I try to fix this but can’t promise it.


Now as elusive targets Are avaible permamently through arcade would it be possible to create elusive targets in contracts mode and add them to ps4? Also any fun modded contracts on ps4 I missed?

One cannot make contracts in any “mission” that is not the vanilla contract missions for the maps. That means one can’t make contracts of these.

I also tested to import the new complications, such as “only one pacification”, but they don’t work either. They possibly also added a white list for these just like they did for missions.

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This post tells you all you want to know

When it comes to contracts mode and the server accepting things, they’re basically different systems. One is called contractconditions and the other is called gamechangers. Contractconditions is a very small specific list that we’re all familiar with and gamechangers are all complications in the whole game (there’s some overlap, and contractcondition IDs work as gamechangers, but not the other way around).

Sadly we’ll never get anything as a complication in published contracts that IO doesn’t put on the contractconditions list :frowning:
And even if we did, a lot of gamechangers (maybe half) are fake, they just exist to show a card on the briefing screen, and the actual objective for it is done manually in the contract’s script


Could this be related to the game being unplayable for the first week of Year 2 OR has Microsoft decided to crack down on HCCE permanently?

Can anybody tell me how to mark / add more than 5 Targets? I know HCCE should be able to do it, I just don’t know the steps. Do I have to make a list of all the NPCs and edit the JSON by hand or is there an easier quicker way?

You have to make a list and modify the json, there is no other way.

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And Xbox players still need not bother asking?


when i log in, my oauth token doesnt show up, just plain doesnt work.

Which browser do you use? It seems to be more reliable with Firefox.

im using chrome atm, iv already cleared browser cache so ill try firefox now.

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Does anyone have a repo id for “no non target kills”?

It’s not technically a repo id I think, because it’s not in the repo :slight_smile:
Targets only (optional): f41f18fe-0fe5-416a-a793-50727e594655
You should be able to find all those IDs in this list of mine btw:
Just search for ‘CONTRACTCONDITION’ (the other ones don’t work in contract creation (anymore)).


Hey @Urben, got a few questions.

  • I have created contracts using this in the past for recreation on other platforms, but never published it on my platform. When I do that, does it show under “My Contracts” in my game? Assuming I didn’t publish the contract in-game.
  • When someone else uses my json and recreates it on their platform, does my name show on the contract page on their platform?
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Most of time,it will show in “My contract” in the other platforms games,and write your name in that platform.when you login in that platfrom with your accouant,you should be able to see it.

It won’t show your name in contract page,it will be show that recreater’s name,with something like"[steam]" in front of their name.(and those contracts won’t show in their "My contracts"page,because the recreater and the “Auther” write in json are different. )I think that’s why HCCE add your name in briefing…

Where do I find the IDs of NPCs?
I want to create a big contract and I have to edit the json manually.

There are lists but they won’t really help you as you could not read from it which actual NPC this id has. You better use HCCE to make multiple contracts covering all targets you want to pick. Each contract does not need to be published, just save them to files and get your ids from there.

Just to make sure, this is what a target is in the json file, right?


So if I want to add more targets, I just copy and paste this info from another contract… right?