Help with Twitch Drops

I have unlocked all 3 Twitch drops, but only the Purple Suit shows up in my inventory. For the Duck & Suitcase, it says that I need to connect my account, but my account is already connected. On my rewards in my ioi account it also only shows the Purple Suit. I have refreshed the twitch site, closed my Hitman game and done everything I can think of, but nothing. Can anyone help?

Never mind guys, I just figured out an alternative way to do it and got the items I needed. Thanks anyways

The kind thing would be to share the solution you found, so others with the same issue can find more than just a thread that says “I figured it out” when they google their problem. :sweat_smile:


So I used the browser to log in by going to…

And claimed them through there. Just make sure the account is also connected through this method.

That’s how I got it to work


I have the exact same problem down to every detail but your solution is not working because I have already done that before. I have unlocked and claimed all drops twice now but only The Purple Streak Suit appears in-game and in my Rewards page on my IO account.

I might have figured it out but it is not very intuitive. You need to click the connect button on every item then click on Hitman 3 in your linked accounts which is not obvious and there is no visual indicators that somethings changed but if you look in your Twitch Inventory after there is now a little double arrow symbol next to the connect button. This design is bullshit.

No idea if it’ll work but I’ll update if I got them.

That’s how I got them