Hitbac Contest - series 7

Hey everyone !

Since we can no longer write on the old forum, I will give you the results of the Hitbac Contest series 6 on this topic.

Professional : @Kardibask 8/10

Shadow : @IlikeHitman 7/10

Hitman : Patrik_Samu 6/10

Serial Killer : Force_Obscure 5/10 Ingvar 5/10

Mad Butcher : Chloriqueen 1/10

(sorry as i am a new user i can only mention two people :sweat_smile: so i chose the best two, Kardibask :1st_place_medal: and IlikeHitman :2nd_place_medal:)

Well done everyone you had overall good scores when it was quite difficult.
8 was obviously a trap, everyone noticed it but no one found the right answer. It was Miami, yeah. That was the most likely answer because, remember, it was Robert Knox who created Gama Hospital. :face_with_monocle:

Now we can start the series 7 !
Good luck.

Rules :

  • I show you a series of 10 images from HITMAN 2 and for each of them you will have to find which map it comes from.
  • All images come directly from the game, none have been modified, no filters have been added.
  • All locations are there , from Paris to Haven, except the prologue.
  • No bonus missions, special assignment or Patient zero, only main missions.
  • The contest takes place over 10 weeks, at the end of it you will get a total of 100 points if you participate every week.
    At the end, I’ll give you a rank based on your score :
    from 0 to 10 : Mad Butcher
    from 10 to 20 : Mass Murderer
    from 20 to 30 : Psychopath
    from 30 to 40 : Deranged Slayer
    from 40 to 50 : Serial Killer
    from 50 to 60 : Hitman
    from 60 to 70 : Shadow
    from 70 to 80 : Professional
    from 80 to 90 : Silent Assassin
    from 90 to 100 : Agent 47

To participate :

  • Write the number of the image followed by your answer.
    (name of the location, example: 1. Sapienza ).
  • Blur or hide your answers to avoid influencing other participants. You will then be able to discuss your answers, but only after you have answered.

results Wednesday December 30.

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Shouldn’t this be in Hitman 2 category?

I’ll try to participate this time :+1:

you only get points for the correct solution right?

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The seventh image from last time was such a troll!The knight armour was the last disguise I would have thought about! :joy:

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This is what I was going to do, but I hesitated and I said to myself that no one was going in the Hitman 2 category anymore. :sweat_smile:
Before I put it in Hitman general discussion, but this category no longer exists.

you only get points for the correct solution right?


Very sad that I forgot about the last one, anyway Ill do my best this time:

1. Bangkok
2. Sapienza
3. Mumbai
4. Berlin???
5. Hokkkaido
6. Whitteton Creek
7. Mumbai
8. Miami
9. Isle of Sgail
10. Santa Fortuna

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4 is not Berlin :joy:

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  1. Bangkok
  2. Whitletton Creek
  3. Hawke’s Bay
  4. New York
  5. Haven Island
  6. Santa Fortuna
  7. Marrakesh
  8. Mumbai
  9. Isle of Sgàil
  10. Santa Fortuna
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  1. Bangkok
  2. Santa Fortuna…?
  3. Mumbai
  4. Santa Fortuna
  5. Haven Island
  6. Whittleton Creek?
  7. Marrakesh
  8. Isle of Sgail
  9. Isle of Sgail
  10. Whittleton Creek
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  1. Hokkaido
  2. Sapienza
  3. Santa Fortuna
  4. Mumbai
  5. Haven Island
  6. Isle of Sgáil
  7. Marrakesh
  8. Isle of Sgáil
  9. Isle of Sgáil
  10. Santa Fortuna
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Sorry for my 1 day delay, here are your scores. :sweat_smile:

Serial Killer : @Patrik_Samu 5/10 :crown:

Deranged Slayer : @Kardibask 4/10 nouille-23 4/10

Psychopath : @SilentWraith 3/10 @93-126 3/10

Mad Butcher : Chloriqueen 1/10

Well played Patrik_Samu ! You managed to be first, you took advantage of my delay, well done. :sunglasses:
The results are lower than usual, but it’s normal the difficulty increases and we are close to the end.

Good luck for the next round :wink: