Hitman 2 PS5 Can't Get SA on The Pen and the Sword

Any ideas on what to do here? I heard it was glitched for a while on H3, not sure if it’s the same case here or what. I’m killing everyone via headshots, hiding all bodies, doing it in less than five minutes with no alarms raised and no civilians killed. I’ve tried it several different ways and about 5-10 times now and the best I can get is 850,000-ish score. It even shows a 1.0 Silent Assassin multiplier but I get no score, no rank and no trophy.

Here’s a link to my latest playthrough: HITMAN 2_20210907084312 - YouTube

I’d love for it to be some simple mistake I’m making but I fear it’s glitched. Didn’t have any issues like this at all when I went back and just got SA on Himmelstein.

I can’t tell how to fix this issue for HITMAN 2, but this bug repost post for HITMAN 3 suggests that restarting the game helps. Although, I’d assume you’ve already restarted and tried a couple of times.

Anyway, you can send a ticket via the below official website to let the developer know your issue. Even though the webpage is meant for H3, I think it’s okay to report any issue of previous games too. Just reminding you that the game no longer receives any update, so the issue may stuck there permanently.


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Yes, I meant to edit this post but forgot when nobody was replying. I reached out to him with no luck but I did get ahold of someone else who suggested, of all things, completing a random challenge in hopes that it would un-screw the multiplier or something and have it work. I did that, tried my exact same method again and got over 2 million points and both trophies unlocked then. Weird but I’ll take it.

And yes, the help desk wasn’t much assistance for me at all. They weren’t understanding I was on H2 exclusively to unlock the few remaining trophies and didn’t seem terribly interested in watching the clip.