Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Official BETA Build 122

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A little something for all those who helped me with the production of our Hitman 2 movie. This is the BETA build of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. Pretty cool hidden and cut content on here. Thanks so much for the contributions to the movie. Enjoy!
To install, extract all parts into a separate folder, and select all parts and extract them again into the same folder, and play the game! Note: Make sure you DO NOT extract this to your Current Hitman 2 folder!!!

Tips -Go into the Hitman 2.ini and look for RenderDll and replace the letters D3D with OpenGL and save. This will fix the grey and black colors you’ll see on 47 and NPCs.

There’s so much content you’ll now notice on the game. You have gotta see. It’s a surprise.
If you haven’t yet volunteered on the movie, the link to the thread is here. Any help would be much appreciated!


Will chech it out! :smile:

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Now THIS is interesting! I’m gonna check it out right away! Thanks!


For those of us that don’t have the PC version of SA, could someone do a playthrough of this so we can see it? ^^;

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I might after i’m done editing my Manhunt HD Montage on Vegas since i’m very familiar with Silent Assassin i guess i could do a comparison video of this beta build and the final one.


Any yous know how to extract it? OP wasn’t very clear to me and I haven’t used winrar in a long time.

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A good way of doing it is to use a program called 7-ZIP. Search for it on google, and from now on, any .ZIP file you have, just right click it, and 7-zip will show up, go to the panel and click extract here, and you’re done! :wink:

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Alright… I did my best unpacking and placing all the files in the right directions (With a lot of modding and video game development experience) and no matter what i do i can’t seem to get past the EIDOS logo and i’m sorry guys, but i’m really tired of this (spent around an hour on this crap) and i’m gonna take a break now. I see if i can get it work tomorrow. Also i tried both of the available renderers which are Open GL and DirectX, but neither seems to work. Oh and the config menu is a little bit different to the final one.


OH MY FUCKING GOD! Sorry for swearing, but i just discovered something NEVER before seen stuff of Hitman 2 by some clever INI file editing. Just give me a few minutes! This is going to be great!

EDIT: Alright guys! So here’s the thing, i think i just discovered something that nobody else here has ever discovered before, so after messing around with the INI file to find a workaround to skipping the EIDOS logo and trying to get straight to the main menu by changing the DefaultScene line in the ini (Which by the way worked, but it still crashes instantly, visually the menu doesn’t differ from the final one in any way.)

So then i remembered that cheat code from SA and Contracts where you would change the original DefaultScene line from DefaultScene=Splash.gms to DefaultScene=LevelMenu.gms and here starts the fun part: the level menu which as expected, popped up, showed the original titles for all the Hitman 2 maps though the game still crashes like in 2 seconds after starting a level, you can still see the starting location for every map and additionally some of these beta levels have somewhat working weapon selection menus which feature beta NAMES and beta GUNS/WEAPONS.

So change this line right here…

…To this to get the beta level menu.

Here’s some proof…


I got the build running, more information and pics coming soon.

EDIT: Alright then… So i checked the manual included in the beta which was probably meant for the preview reviews of the game and i stumbled upon debug settings and as can you see one of the commands says: UseTryCatchMainLoop = Make engine more stable (and harder to debug) so i gave it a try and noticed that it indeed makes the game more stable, in fact the build now works exactly as it was supposed to back then.

ANOTHER EDIT: The Beta Build In Action

And here’s a pic of the deleted cutscene of Agent Smith being dragged in the russian basement.

Weapon Menu:


Alright guys… I’m seriously going to take a fucking break now and uhh… yeah i’ll see if i have time to do some more testing and discovering. Anyway, for all you lazy bastards, i’ll be uploading my modified version of this beta build tomorrow which will work straight away without any INI bullshit.

God… my fucking head hurts…

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Lol! :laughing: Take some aspirin for headaches, and midol for any cramps.

Let’s see your discovery when you post it. Cheers! :wink:


The link doesn’t work anymore. Do u mind re-uploading? :slight_smile:

The posts above are my biggest contributions to Hitman. I remember how excited i was to be the first to discover all the beta names for the missions. @Watson Do you remember this thread? :hugs:

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I don’t have the beta files anymore, and even if i did, i can’t access my laptop at the moment. I’m sure the Beta build can be downloaded somewhere else.


When i get free time, i can always reupload