Hitman 2 through hitman 3

Hey guys does anybody know if I have to buy hitman 2 through the same store I bought hitman 1 and hitman 3 to enjoy the hitman 2 content in hitman 3? Try and follow that question 3 times fast lol…

So really simple and probably dumb I would think it only matters that you have it installed on the same pc … is thinking correct does where you purchase the game matter in relation to being able to play that game content within hitman 3?

Any input welcome thanks !!!

Assuming you’re talking about owning H2 on Steam and H3 on Epic, then, yes, you can get access to the H2 levels in H3. You just need to follow the guide here:


Thank you for that helps me feel better about spending 100 dollars on hitman 2 gold edition. cheers bro

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