Hitman 2016 Contracts

Submit your contracts here. It will be interesting for Ludam to pass them. You can stop any. Only the first part of the hitman.

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Check out this thread:

There are already hundreds of contracts there

Also you may be interested in contracts posted here:

And here as well:


id contract-1-098473100-86

id contract-1-10-9664821-86

id contract-1-03-0131283-86

id contract-1-10-63-46323-86

I think there was a misunderstanding here, so I’ve taken it out of purgatory and put it into the Hitman 2016 category. The other threads are all for H2 or H3 and the first message says they are for H2016 contracts, there’s no other threads for these contracts so I’ve taken the (PC) off the title to make it available for everyone.
Here’s one of mine:

ID: 3-03-1473233-35

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Finally, all the same, my post was returned to its place. Moderators probably still checked and returned the post back. Now each player will be able to send contracts of the first season.

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Here’s the best contract I have created
Hope you guys enjoy :slight_smile:

ID : 1-10-0632370-65

there is no contract in the first part, so write to the third part

Welcome to the forum.
This is the place for posting contracts for hitman 2016 (see the #hitman-2016 tag!)

You’re looking for this thread: https://www.hitmanforum.com/t/fan-made-contracts-of-hitman-3


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