Player-Made Elusive Contracts (All Platforms)

Reviving a thread from old HMF by @David47

This is a friendly competition for Hitman Forum members who play on PlayStation.

The rules are simple:

  1. Turn INSTINCT, NPC ICONS and the MINI-MAP off in the options menu. This is to simulate the traditional “purist” experience. All other gameplay assists may be left on.

  2. Play the contract posted below ONCE, and once only, without restarting for any reason, simulating a real-life hit, with only one, solitary, chance to succeed. Also please resist watching other people’s videos before attempting the contract yourself, in the name of fairness.

  3. Once you’ve finished please post your FINAL SCORE along with the phrase “I followed the rules”. To show you’re sincere and to distinguish which are runs

  4. If you MADE/RECREATED the contract then you are ineligible from winning the week because they’ll know where the target is. This defeats the purpose of the elusive target and the other rules. It’s a little inconvenient but the only fair way I can think to allow Xbox and PC players in

Each contract will run a for one week. Then the player with the highest score gets to make the next week’s contract.

This was a really fun thread and I’d like it to make a comeback with the new game. Unfortunately for recreation reasons it must remain PS only

Edit: Okay gonna try something out. May or may not work. Gonna let Xbox and PC join in if they want, someone just has to recreate contract on their platform (excluding them feels a little silly tbh) but by new rule (4) that person will be ineligible from winning the week


Well here we go

The Deserter

PC ID: 1-27-3940788-45
PS ID: 2-27-2684091-02
From: Now - 03/02, 00:00 UTC

Good luck and remember to read the rules :grin:

Okay if Xbox or PC players to recreate then here's the target (please read rule 4 though)


Hey, that title is already in use for Apur Jikitu, my New York ET Mod :confused:.

I mean, there’s only so many words in the English language. Enough to share I’d say :wink:

Fine, fine. I’ll allow it this time, though I keep an Eye on you :face_with_monocle:.

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I loved every version of this thread and time to time I was always returning back to this friendly competition and now is the time even for the newest game…

I’m sure I’ll try this contract later.

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Recreated for PC, ID 1-27-3940788-45



I, too, was also thinking of reviving this thread… at least once I’ve played and gotten a hang of the maps (though tbh that’ll either be next week or next month lol)

Unsure if this will work well with all platforms but… Oki Doki


Another thing is if now that we have the full world of Assisination ready we can make contracts that goes through all of the maps or we have to stick with Hitman 3 maps for now?

Awesome! Edited it into the post :+1:

Great minds, right? :wink:

Yeah… It’s definitely a trial run, we’ll see :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Nah, any maps across the trilogy. I just thought a H3 one could be fun


Another thing I’m seeing in your contracts there’s is no briefing and IIRC in this thread there was importance in do even few words of little credible briefing.

Another suggestion was that because of the limitations that users have to Face to not use mandatory elimination conditions or other but only optional

Sooo it’s an interesting target but basically all that could go wrong went wrong and after I’ve seen the kill condition in suit and the target was a guard in the upper floors I suddenly changed my strategy then I eliminate the wrong person and I wasn’t lucky even to finish the mission in the end.


I forgot to do the briefing in-game but its in the post. But no the briefing isn’t a necessity, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea :man_shrugging:

Yeah I’ll put that in the rules. Insta-fails aren’t fun for anyone in this

Ahhh that’s unlucky :cry: good run tho (love the suit :wink:)

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Glad to see this thread back up.
I won the first ever one of these in Paris (Eliminating the Sheik with an axe I believe)

I never learned the Hitman 2 levels as much as 2016 so didn’t play as often but I reckon I could give Dubai a good go so will try tonight :slightly_smiling_face:


Score: 195 223
I followed the rules.
I can’t believe I actually did it SA and this fast even, considering how I had no idea where the guy would be, I thought he would be in the penthouse. :laughing: I’ve never before participated in these, but now I got a chance. Thanks for recreating it on PC, hopefully that will draw other participants too!
Here’s the video!


I haven’t even thought about my SASO run yet, so I took advantage of a loophole. :grin: (I love the new micro taser. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)


Ngl I’m impressed. That was a very clever way to do it

Half of the joy of this thread is seeing peoples’ creativity :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Edit: @Beldingford that outfit is :fire::fire::fire:


I followed all the rules…

Yet got a score of 101,448 in a time of 5:55

I lured him into the meeting room after getting upstairs via the scaffold & hopping over the railing. I K’o’d him with a crow bar & snapped his neck before hiding him in a locker in the room off to the side.

I was so close to SA but was seen hopping the balcony back over so I legged it to the exit.

I somehow lost my No Noticed Kills bonus as well??


NOT MY SUBMISSION (still wouldn’t win anyway):wink:
but I had a couple more goes & got a 194,603 in 1:55

Amazing what you can learn in just a couple of tries but I’m happy with my original blind run too🙂

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I followed the rules. Was fun to play a contract without instinct and npc icons, but that also made it easier to get caught trespassing (twice) before getting the kill. Nice contract!