Hitman 3 - 2021 Awards Watch 🏆

i know i only come here to shit on the dlc but i really think 7 deadly sins soured general opinion on hitman 3 and that contributed to the lack of nominations. that being said I think it did deserve some nominations, especially over deathloop which is basically the same game but with much less to do

When it comes to the Game Awards show, most of the nominations are done by a panel of judges and various worldwide gaming news agencies.

While there’s been plenty of ire about the DLC for consumers, and I don’t doubt that some journalists might also feel the same way, I don’t think this has much to do with the 7DS DLC’s premium price. Hitman 3 would be nominated for what the base game offers/offered, not whatever extra content came out since then.


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Golden Joystick Awards 2021 will be livestreamed tomorrow (23rd) at 22:30 CET / 16:30 ET / 13:30 PST, main show starts 30mins after.
Converting to your time

HITMAN 3 is nominated for Best Visual Design , PC Game Of The Year and Ultimate Game Of The Year.
IOI nominated for Studio Of The Year.

Awards to be given out:

Publicly voted categories in:

  • Best Storytelling
  • Best Multiplayer Game
  • Best Visual Design
  • Best Indie Game
  • Still Playing Award
  • Best Game Expansion
  • Best Game Community
  • Best Studio
  • Best Audio
  • Best Gaming Hardware
  • Nintendo Game of the Year
  • Xbox Game of the Year
  • PlayStation Game of the Year
  • PC Game of the Year
  • Most Wanted Game
  • Ultimate Game of the Year

‘50 Years of Games’ Publicly voted categories:

  • Ultimate Game of All Time
  • Best Gaming Hardware of All Time

Critically-chosen categories (selected by our judging panel):

  • Breakthrough Award
  • Critics’ Choice Award

Hitman 3’s game director Mattias Engström is a bit salty too about TGA.

Anyways, forget this, YEAR II let’s goo.


H3 wins PC GOTY at Golden Joystick :tada:


yes lets go congrats ioi


Let’s go!!!

GOTY edition incoming???


@Travis_IOI please get on it and post a tearful Kate Winslet-esque acceptance speech tweet at your soonest convenience so that I can spread the Good Word of HITMAN 3’s very well deserved success far and wide to the all the heathens I know still awaiting conversion. Kthxbye. :relaxed:


I can already smell the gold digital cover on Steam in January :trophy:


PC GOTY + Ultimate Hardware of all Time


See y’all in January for the Steam release! :kissing_heart:


Why was Hitman 3 compared to indie games?

Well IO is an indie developer :stuck_out_tongue:


Look at how much it won by, christ.


Not truly an award but close enough and still prestigious : the World of Assassination trilogy now has the Josh Sawyer (New Vegas, Alpha Protocol, Pillars of Eternity, Outer Worlds) Seal of Approval.

Fun fact : according to one of his dev stream, Josh Sawyer and Obsidian once entertained the idea to look at Glacier 2 to perhaps develop a spiritual successor to Alpha Protocol. It didn’t happen, and since then project 007 was announced by IO themselves.


Agreed, but you forget that if your game does not start with CoD and/or is not streamed by top Twitch people, these places think it does not matter.

Just look at the nominees:

aside from Deathloop, I am not gonna shit on any of these games BUT

None of them has more replayability, depth in gameplay, dev support or (worthwhile) DLC than HITMAN 3. The only categoies any of them may have 47 beat in are story and music.

I’ll give best graphics to Ratchet & Clank also.


I forgot that audio design was a category. Was just noting the other day as I watched my run for The Rage how the sound of rain falling changes depending upon what it is hitting. When someone walks past 47 with an umbrella, the rain sounds like it is hitting the stretched plastic of the umbrella. A lot of games do not go into the little details like that and it should be noted.

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Very interesting. But I wonder how it works in this case, because Glacier 2 is a proprietary engine made by IO for internal use (forked once by Eidos Montreal and still in use by them).

I know they want to be an animation engine provider for other studios, they received a danish funding for that in 2020.

EDIT : I just realized that we are talking about Glacier 1, because Alpha Protocol was released in 2010.


Article on GameRant.com about Hitman NOT getting a GOTY nod.


Six people were stupid enough to click that outrage bait.

Save a Click: Game Rant thinks the GAME Awards have a recency bias even though they literally contradict that point when they mention Forza Horizon 5 not being nominated for GOTY.


Voting is live for the first round of the Players’ Voice Award. For this round you can choose 10 of the 30 nominated games, including Hitman 3. (I stuck with H3, Returnal and Deathloop myself. :grin:)

Voting for round 2 starts on Sunday and the winner is decided in the final round on the 8th.