HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread

Platform: PC / Digital - Epic

Location: Any Hitman 1 or 2 map

Description: Unable to wear the Ashen Suit on Hitman 1/2 levels

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game
  2. Load any H1/H2 Mission & equip the Ashen Suit
  3. 47 wears the default mission suit instead of the Ashen Suit

Frequency: Always Happens

Platform: PC, digital, version 3.110.1

Location: Dartmoor

Description: When spawning on the main road with a briefcase while doing a contract (excluding the main mission), the briefcase spawns floating next to the motorcycle

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter a contract in Dartmoor and spawn on the main road with a briefcase. The briefcase will be floating next to the motorcycle
  2. When you climb over the wall, the briefcase will appear in 47’s hand
    HITMAN 3 Dartmoor Briefcase Glitch - YouTube

Frequency: Always


Platform: Xbox (at least)

Location: Mendoza

Description: Head of Security can no longer carry any weapons

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game
  2. Load Mendoza
  3. Disguise as Head of Security
  4. Openly carry any weapon

Frequency: Always Happens

Platform: PC
Location: Bangkok
Description: There are two beer bottles where should be one.

On bar nearby waiter starting location are two beer bottles placed on each other. There should be however only one, as can be seen in Season 1.

This probably happened during porting mission to Hitman 2, as this bug was already presented in H2 and has not been fixed yet!

Frequency: Always happens.


There might be other places like that, but one in particular is a bottle that you can poison for Jordan Cross. You could shoot the bottle(s) and one will remain.

This was also an issue (not sure if it’s still like this or not) in Sapienza where there’d be 2x bottles (with poison prompt) in one spot. I was possible to poison one of them, but the intended target might pick up the non-poisoned one.

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Where is it exactly? It is likely still an issue.

If it’s still there… The one I’m thinking of is across from the one where you’d poison Dexy Barret(sp?)'s wine glass, up on the top floor. The beer bottle the Jordan Cross drinks from if you interrupt the recording session. :thinking:

Platform: Xbox, Digital
Location: Whittleton Creek
Description: NPC Ida Pagel, who enters the party with a man and then walks around the street (I believe) has the incorrect contracts mode target image. She appears as her model during the Censor ET, an issue which was fixed before (thanks folks for fixing my issue with the grey npc images :smiley: ) but when the ET arrived it broke again, like some of the civilians by the beach for the Twin ET.
Frequency: Always since the Censor’s ET released

Platform: Steam (PC)
Location: Chonqing - Gluttony escalation
Description: Missing texture on the roof at the restaurant’s cash register.

Platform: PS5
Location: Ambrose Island
Description: There is not enough challenges to grant Level 20 Mastery.


Platform: PC / Digital

Location: Ambrose Island

Description: If you create launch contracts mode and walk over an “undiscovered area” you are unable to progress the challenge when you go to the main mission.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game.
  2. Load Ambrose Island (or any location possibly) in create contract mode .
  3. Walk over an undiscovered area .
  4. Quit create contract mode and go back to the selected mission (Ambrose Island for example).
  5. You will notice that in the map that the undiscovered area disappearing preventing progression for the challenge.

Frequency: Always I guess since I can’t clear the challenge

Here I loaded in Ambrose Island and walked over 2 “undiscovered locations” (Western Beach and Farah’s Place) in create contract mode and this is how it looks like now when I load in the normal main mission.

I walked over to those two areas and now the challenge won’t progress at all. Right now on my main account I’m stuck on 7/12. I have been able to reproduce this bug on a new fresh account.


Platform : PC , Epic Games
Location: Ambrose Island
Description: imposible complete challenge Made to Order .I kill Crest lethal ampule
Frequency :Always

Platform: PC Steam
Location: Ambrose Island
Description: Aiming in the general direction of the camera depicted below with any weapon will cause unbearable light to cover the screen (could be dangerous to epileptic persons)
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game
  2. Load into an Ambrose Island mission
  3. Follow path to location in video
  4. Aim at the camera with any weapon (tested with Goldballer, dartgun and Automatic Rifle)

Frequency: Every time
Video Link: HITMAN 3 Ambrose Island Glare Bug | EPILEPSY WARNING - YouTube
Edit: Visual bug has been found in other parts of the map, eg under the bridge in the village near the house with the boiling kettle (new user so cannot attach photo proof)



Periodically, npc get stuck in the walls (mansion and kitchen staff)


Platform: Xbox One digital

Location: Hokkaido

Description: Taking the bodyguard disguise from the guard outside Yamazaki’s suite with gloves and sanitary socks/shoes-whatever will magic up a mask that the guard was not wearing. I assume this is the same for any guard in the hospital with the same level of PPE.

Frequency: Always


Platform: All of them.

Description: When you leave Ambrose Island with Greys helicopter, the Grey model sitting next to 47 is the one with bloody hands and a hole in his chest from the Untouchables cutscene.

Frequency: Always.


I saw a guard near the Colonial Ruins in Ambrose Island do that too! I think he supposed to be leaning on the the wall and when I jostled him he got free. :man_shrugging:

Anyway, this was on Xbox.

These challenges are missing from Ambrose Island / Shadows in the Water:

Silent Assassin, Suit Only
Sniper Assassin
Suit Only
Silent Assassin
The Classics

As a result, you can only reach level 19 on the mission mastery before having to grind repeatable XP to reach 20.

@Travis_IOI This should only need a server-side fix, right?

Also, Shadows in the Water is currently only playable from the Destination menu. It should also be added to the Hitman 2 campaign menu between the cutscenes “Gifts and Curses” and “Precautions.”


Foreshadowing :smirk: (also did not notice that at all :no_mouth:)


It’s kinda annoying tbh and let’s the game look sloppy. First they didn’t put Grey in the boat to Sgail for ages and now they sit dead Grey next to 47 :sweat_smile: