HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread

This courier in Santa Fortuna dropped his merces in the water where i couldn’t get them :cry:


I think that’s not a clue, as it isn’t highlighted in instinct. It’s just that one of the appearances for clues is a reused form of that tablet. Your third clue might be located inside the cabinet in the hallway just outside the room.


Platform: PC

Location: Mendoza

HI GUYS! :((( I try load saved game, but i get a message "This save contains content that is no longer available to you. Please ensure you have access to the following content. HITMAN 3 - HITMAN 2 Gold. - HITMAN 3 - HITMAN 3 Trinity Pack. .

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Don’t know if this is necessarily a bug, but figured I’d report that the cowboy suit doesn’t have any sort of cloth physics, so the jacket looks like it’s glued to 47. Which is strange considering just about very other formal suit in the game has physics. Playing on Steam. Also a note that this applies to the scientist outfit on Sapienza as well.


PS4, Disc
New York

In one hardcore contract, I picked collatoral kill - firearm as the prestige objective. I chose to bring my ICA Bartoli Woodsman hunting rifle covert. When I spawn in the loading bay, to my panic I was not holding a briefcase and was not carrying the sniper. When I returned to the safehouse, the weapon was still not there on the shelf!

This happened only about two or 3 times.
I remember it happened before but can’t be sure it was New York’s docking bay and whether l was playing hardcore.

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Platform: PC
Location: Berlin
Issue: When walking around wearing Rofl Hirschmüller, some guards may greet you by saying “Hello, Mr. Bravuomo”, referring to lawyer from Landslide. This occurs when guard is voiced using Bodyguard 04 (Ben Crowe) voice.
Frequency: Sometimes
Location: Ambrose Island/Freelancer
Issue - Picking up Sawed Off Bartoli 12G from crate nearby pirate hideout (one hidden in crate, that has to be opened by crowbar) does not actually bring it home, and add to your collection. It does not even have proper rarity tag (which is rare)
Frequency: Always


This post was made in May 2021. It has been reported countless times in this thread since the patch that same month released. Please for the love of god, can we get this fixed? It has been over two years…

It doesn’t happen every time you load a mission, but it does happen extremely frequently. It’s rare to not have it happen.

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Might repost this since these death sounds were taken off the game out of nowhere

Platform: PS5 (Digital)
Location: Hokkaido (Freelancer - Showdown)

Despite being given the option to serve sushi to this courier, she won’t eat it no matter how much I pester her. I’m not sure it would have made a difference because the random NPC I accidently served it to earlier did not get poisoned.


Steam (also observed on Xbox)

Saw someone post this on a Discord server who apparently was playing on Xbox, so putting it here. Anyway, when you take the disguise from the NPC in the circle in the first screenshot - 47 seems to also acquire an invisibility cloak.



If you shoot the camera evidence, not a single person in a room filled with NPCs will hear the bullet hit the recorder, which isn’t in line with how anyone else near any other recorder in the game would react in the same scenario.

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That’s because when you shoot it, the mansion staff guy upstairs hears it and will come down and investigate it. I think it’s related to how he’ll also investigate if you smash the glass to get the shotgun

Just tested it - no one else was visibly distracted by the shot, nor did anyone come investigate it.

If someone else was coming, the other NPCs would at least briefly have a ? indicator before returning to normal. But they don’t in this instance.

Platform: PC

Location: Haven Island

Description: The Swimwear Outfit has large spots on the right and at the central back area that aren’t properly textured

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the last resort mission
  2. equip the swimwear disguise from the shark hut
  3. sprint on the beach, grab ledge, vault over things

Frequency: always

Platform: Xbox One S
Location: Santa Fortuna (I played in Contracts mode, may differ from regular mode?)

Frequency: Always

Platform: PC
Location: Sapienza/WoT
Description: Some Mansion Guard NPC’s use in their contract mode photo of different NPC, specifically bodyguard
Frequency: Always

Location: Chongquing/ET The Rage
Description: Laptop in flat of drug dealer is floating
Frequency: Always

Location: Marrakesh
Description: Crowd NPC is standing on platform next to speaker, where he shouldn’t be
Frequency: Always

Location: New York/Freelancer
Description: This bottle, that floats, randomly appeared nearby vault, where it cannot be poisioned
Frequency: Once

Location: Freelancer
Description: Assassins’s HWK21 Covert will have blinding red light, if it appears in missions with darker lighting
Frequency: Once

Location: Freelancer/Isle of Sgáil
Description: Mission story Winds of Change is bugged. After voting “yes”, none of the NPC’s will have toast, instead, they will immediately return to their previous routines. Also, a symbol for casual difficulty will appear, if you sit in chair after vote.
Frequency: Once

Locations: All
Description: NPC’s will go pick up flash phone after it exploded, getting stuck forever in looping pick up animation
Frequency: Always

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Hey guys don’t know if I’m in the right thread. Couldn’t find anything about this issue.
The prestige objective payout keeps bugging and isn’t counted

Here a pic, only the 3 optionals were counted although the prestige was completed as well. (PS5)



Hardcore showdown mission failure upon exiting the mission with both leader and prestige objective completed. Silent assassin no firearms.

This has happened once before in Whittleton Creek.

Similar issue here, except not during showdown.

Perfect Run objective is broken on hardcore mode and causes a mission failure even though itself and all the requirements are completed.

PC of course, though I don’t think this is a platform specific bug.
And before anyone asks, yes this bug occurs with or without mods and no, it’s not caused by mods.



Platform: PS5 (Digital)
Location: Paris (Freelancer)

During a Showdown, I had a reverse Perfect Run bug, where I got credit for a Perfect Run despite not completing one of my objectives. I also seem to have gotten the 1,000 :merces: for the objective I failed. :laughing: