HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread

I had the same “problem”. Lindolfo had a possible explanation for it, that also holds water in your case:

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This might not be a bug but a feature withholding an existing reward for collecting everything until IO is finished including all intended content.

100% agree. If it weren’t intended to be absent, there is no way it wouldn’t have been fixed back in May tbh since its a relatively simple fix.

Platform : PS4

Bugs in Elusive Target AGAIN and AGAIN.

The challenges of the Appraiser did not pop out and I know that… IOI make it happen again and again…” so can you fix my carrier record? Thanks.


PS5 Digital


During the leader showdown at the end of stage 4, the target’s leader went down into the wall and was completely out of control.
I don’t like disconnects, but this time I had no choice but to redo this target,
but, the target did not move at all voluntarily until I used “Seeker 1”.

Steps to reproduce
1. do the final mission in Freelancer mode in Berlin.
2. the target is randomly determined.
3. the leader is inside the wall and cannot be reached.

Frequency of occurrence
Only once.(However, the same was true after the line was disconnected.)


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Platform: PC/Steam

Location: Isle of Sgàil

Description: Already completed The Appraiser - Year 3 Elusive Target with a Silent Assassin, but the corresponding challenges The Appraiser - Year 3 and Silent Assassin - Year 3 didn’t unlock.

Noted that the previous Elusive Target in Isle of Sgàil, The Stowaway, still shows The Stowaway - Year 3 and Silent Assassin - Year 3 correctly.


I actually thought this bug was fixed - I knew it existed, but having completed quite a few missions with similar objectives + perfect run I though it was working correctly - but apparently it was not.

The image below it is after hardcore showdown on Maldives, at least it was in the early stage.

Is this bs planned to be fixed in the august patch ?

It even listed prestige objective as completed on the detailed score.

The Prestige objective that only unlock as you exit are consistently successful failures in Hardcore. Only use prestige objectives that can actually be unlocked during a mission.

Platform: PC (Steam)

Location: Marrakesh (bug was discovered at this location)

Description: No fire accident kills animation (NPC or target just stands and screams)

I first discovered this bug in Marrakesh when I shoot the oil puddle in the tunnel where both targets meet. Later, the same bug was discovered in The Appraiser ET on the Isle of Sgàil.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load the Marrakesh mission
  2. Sabotage any oil drum
  3. Wait until the target or NPC stands near it
  4. Shoot puddle of oil or wait for the target or NPC to start smoking

Frequency: Always happens for me

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Platform: PC, Steam

Location: Dubai

Description: Some people disappearing, only visible from one side.

Frequency: First time happening to me.

Video: Watch on Gemoo (Free video sharing)

PS5 Digital

Isle of Sgàil

Target “LARS VEGAS” does not move an inch.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Do the mission in Freelancer mode in Isle of Sgàil.
  2. Sometimes “LARS VEGAS” is determined by random drawing at the target.
  3. “LARS VEGAS” never moves a step from the door side.

Frequency of occurrence
As far as I can remember, this is the third time.


Translated at DeepL.

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Platform: PC / Epic / digital

Location: Sgail

Description: Once again, Elusive Target challenges have failed to unlock, this time for The Appraiser (Year 3).

I have completed this ET, but neither of the two challenges that should have unlocked have done so.

Steps to reproduce: N/A

Frequency: Has happened before with other ETs.



Platform: Xbox One.
Location: Safe House.
Description: cannot pick up scalpel from infirmary.
Frequency: happened once.


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PS5 Digital


The target “Toby Jones”, who smokes shisha with emetic poison, does not become emetic poisoned.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Perform a freelancer mode mission on Marrakech.
  2. “Toby Jones” may become a target by random drawing.
  3. Put rat poison in the shisha that “Toby Jones” smokes.
  4. He will repeatedly smoke the shisha, but will not be emetic poisoned.

Frequency of occurrence
Occurs once.


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PS5 Digital


The supplier in Hokkaido are unable to trade for forever.

Reproduction procedure

  1. Perform a freelancer mode mission in Hokkaido.
  2. ”OROCHI OHAYASHI" becomes a target in a random drawing.
  3. Stun or assassinate “OROCHI OHAYASHI” and drag him near the supplier.
  4. The supplier remains untradeable.
  5. Hide “OROCHI OHAYASHI” in a box and it becomes completely untradeable during the mission.

Frequency of Occurrence.
Encountered about 3 times.

Appears to become untradeable.

Other NPCs do not have this problem.

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PS5 Digital

Ambrose Island

”SAWED-OFF BARTOLI 12G" on Ambrose Island cannot be taken home.

Reproduction procedure

  1. Perform a freelancer mode mission on Ambrose Island.
  2. Destroy the box near Akka’s hut with a crowbar.
  3. The box contains “SAWED-OFF BARTOLI 12G,” but you cannot bring it back because the cost is not set.

Occurrence frequency


Translated at DeepL.


Platform: PC

Location: Mumbai

Description: The target disappears from the surface.

I walked quietly towards the targets then she disappeared without any action on my part.

Frequency: This happened twice in the same place and another person had the same problem.



Platform: PC
Digital, Epic Games

Location: Game settings and UX

Description: The “Reflection Quality” setting option does not apply, and always resets to “Low” every time the game is restarted. This seems to happen only when ray-tracing reflection is turned on. The options menu that can be accessed before the game starts also does not work.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game
  2. Go to settings and enable “Ray-Traced Reflections”, and set “Reflection Quality” to “Medium” or “High”.
  3. Close game
  4. Start the game again
  5. Go to settings and the “Reflection Quality” would have set itself to “Low”, and the in-game visuals confirm this.

Frequency: Always

My in-game settings:
Note: Image is desaturated due to taking screenshot with HDR turned on, not an issue with the game. The “Reflection Quality” setting always switches to “Low” every time the game is restarted.

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Platform: PC (steam)
Location: heaven island (hardcore showdown, #3)
Description: Weird out of bounds bug. The right npc is my target, the left npc is his assassin. Thank goodness you can taskkill this game cleanly …

Some maybe useful details: the target was moving around the Villa area nominally, frequently smoking/drinking (other details: necklace, earrings, hat, black hair, business) near the outside grill (so roughly northmost - west’ish point).