HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread

Not sure if this is just my game or a bug:
Platform: PC (Epic & Steam, tested on both)
Location: Chongqing
Description: Every time I leave the underground lab my game crashes. No matter the game mode or the disguise I’m wearing. No matter if I’ve already completed everything or just started a new game.

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Platform: Xbox One

Location: All Locations

Description: The Concept 5 gunshot sound is bugged. In Hitman 2, it used to sound loud. But now, the sound is glitched. It sounds like a silenced gun but it’s still loud and NPCs will still hear it.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch Hitman 2.
  2. Use the Concept 5 in any location and fire it in which it will sound loud.
  3. Close the game and launch WoA.
  4. Use the Concept 5 in any location and fire it and it will end up sounding silenced but it will still be loud.

Freqeuncy: Always


Platform: PS5

Location: Freelancer

Description: Goldballer’s model is wrong in freelancer. First picture is goldballer in campaign, second one is in freelancer. Go fix it. This is the second time I post about it.

Steps to reproduce:
No steps required. Just go check it.

Frequency :

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Frequency: Always
Location: every location that contains a dodgy suit (screenshots from Paris, The Showstopper and Marrakesh, A Gilded Cage)
Platform: Xbox One

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XBOX Digital

Microsoft Store

It may not be right to post this here since it is not an in-game problem, but I will post it here as well, just in case.

“HITMAN 3 - Makeshift Pack,” “HITMAN 3 - Street Art Pack,” and “Trinity Pack” did not show up in my searches at the Microsoft Store in Japan.
“HITMAN 3 - Makeshift Pack,” “HITMAN 3 - Street Art Pack,” will be available for purchase by jumping on the in-game store.
but, ”Trinity Pack” is not available at the Microsoft Store in Japan.

I believe there was a patch note this month for the Japanese Microsoft Store, but it still seems incomplete.

Reproduction procedure
Example 1)Cannot search.

  1. start up your XBOX and search for “HITMAN” in the Microsoft Store.
  2. Select “HITMAN World of Assassination”.
  3. View additional content.
  4. ”HITMAN 3 - Sarajevo Six" is listed, but “HITMAN 3 - Makeshift Pack”, “HITMAN 3 - Street Art Pack”, and “Trinity Pack” is not.

Example 2)Cannot search.

  1. Open the Microsoft Store in the PC browser application and search for “HITMAN”.
  2. Select “HITMAN World of Assassination”.
  3. View additional content.
  4. ”HITMAN 3 - Sarajevo Six" is listed, but “HITMAN 3 - Makeshift Pack”, “HITMAN 3 - Street Art Pack”, and “Trinity Pack” is not.

Example 3)Not available for purchase.

  1. Launch “HITMAN World of Assassination” on XBOX.
  2. Select “Store” in the game.
  3. Select “Trinity Pack”.
  4. The “Purchase” button does not appear and the message “Not available at this time” appears.

Occurrence frequency

Translated at DeepL.

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Platform: All platforms, because it’s a global issue.

Location: The Sarajevo Six Campaign

Description: In the TS6 gameplay, nothing but several lines of challenge strings gets localized into Simplified Chinese. As for mission briefing and Diana’s openings, of course no. This annoying fact applies to some ETs. I’ve sent a ticket in Player Support site even in January or Feb, but till today nothing changes. I know those part is a ‘pre-H3’ problem, but why can Traditional Chinese and many other languages’ localization do better? Really wish an update here. No hostility. Just hollering.

Steps to reproduce: Simplified Chinese localization strings missing in the files, for no men intending to fix it before its release.

Frequency: Historical legacy.

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Platform: Xbox One

Location: Hokkaido

Description: After using an EMP to hack a door, it says Y to Open, but will not open

Steps to reproduce:

Start the game
Load the Hokkaido mission
Place EMP on or near a hackable door (or drop)
Trigger the EMP
Attempt to open the door

Frequency: Intermittent, but frequently. Proximity to the door is not relevant.

Attach or link to any videos or images that will help explain the issue.

https://youtu.be/2MLU70uE-jc?si=3Y7djBv9l545JPuN (problem)

https://youtu.be/YKEIPPHPK3w?si=1-3PMcMUtccl2VQL (no problem)


Platform: PC: Steam

Location: Seemingly all “legacy” campaign locations (H2016 and H2)

Diana will only introduce the target on the very first play through of a level, and will be completely silent when the target appears on any subsequent playthroughs. This also happens when reloading a save from before they were introduced in the level, even if the mission wasnt completed or failed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game
  2. Load any Legacy campaign location from Hitman 2016 or 2
  3. Encounter target, have Diana introduce them
  4. Her target introduction line for that Target will no longer play in any capacity
  5. Disabling steam cloud saves, deleting local saves, and playing in Offline mode seem to fix the issue, but again they will only play once, before needing another save file wipe

Frequency: (Did it happen once, or lots of times, and does it ALWAYS happen?)

Always happens. This happens with Hitman 2 as well and seems to be tied to the game saves somehow. Reloading a save without completing or failing the mission doesn’t help. The lines are a one-and-done

This was like my favorite feature when it was introduced in Hitman 2016, I hope its able to be fixed in some manner. Thank you


Not a bug. There was a patch somewhere along the way that made it so the game “knows” when the line has been played at it won’t play it again for a week (I think). That way you’re not constantly hearing the same line over and over if you’re playing the same mission.

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Platform: PS5

Location: All Hitman 3 Locations

Description: “SAVING” is stuck on the screen on every Hitman 3 map. This is a PS5 exclusive bug that has been in the game for over 2,5 years now and never been acknowledged. Never been mentioned in the known issues

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game on PS5
  2. Load up any Hitman 3 mission
  3. Saving forever

Frequency: Always


Platform: PC
Location: Hitman 3 Freelancer Safehouse

Description Not sure, if this qualified as bug per se, but northern coastline of Caspian Sea, on the map in Freelancer in very inaccurate.

For comparison:
real world map
but also map from the first seconds of The Director (S6) briefing:

Or this is oversight or IOI knows something about damn giant flood in Kazakhstan, what we don’t know :thinking:

Frequency : Always


I play on an XBOX one X. I have NEVER been able to pick up the fuse in the garage in freelancer or play the stocks. I have deleted the base game and reinstslled it 4 times. There have been several bug fixes that were supposed to fix this issue. They have not. I dont understand it and am EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED. I PAID for this game $60 and have bought all expansion. I feel I should be able to play this game to the FULLEST. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY THIS ISSUE HAS NOT BEEN FIXED. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION.



Platform: PC
Location: Arcade Menu
Description: The Dyads uses incorrectly picture of just The Guru, instead of The Decievers, as both Congressman and Guru are targets in this arcade.
Frequency: Always

Location: Colorado
Description: Valuting over this specific place (garage nearby barn) causes 47 to disappear.
Frequency: Always


Ah, that’s incredibly disappointing tbh, but thank you for the response. I’m not sure why it couldn’t have just been made a toggle like a lot of other “QoL” options. It was weirdly one of my favorite things about the new games. At least now I can stop trying to look for solutions to it and just save wipe regularly with mods for the Mastery unlocks.


Platform: PC - Steam

Location: Hokkaido

Description: The guard in the downstairs bathroom no longer receives priority when the toilet is tampered with in one of the stalls. All of the patient NPCs in that room will be the first to investigate, meaning that in order to get the guard’s disguise, the player needs to either be a bit sloppy as Agent 47, or cheese the AI. Also, all NPCs will now only look at the toilet monitor instead of checking the toilet itself first, whereas in Hitman 2016 they would play the first half of the checking/kicking animation thats used on the generators. In this stall, it’s clearly set up so that the player can subdue an NPC after leaving the closet without anyone else in the larger room seeing it. Both of these issues make it much harder to cleanly get a disguise from this guard and it seems to be an intended area for the player to start infiltration.

The main problem though is every other NPC checking the toilet before the guard budges.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game
  2. Load the Hokkaido mission
  3. Tamper with the toilet in the lower level patient-accessible bathroom

Frequency: Always happens

Video: Video illustrating the differences


Platform: PC / steam

Location: Anywhere in freelancer mode

Description: The prestige objective Arrange a meeting cannot be completed. I knocked out a non-target suspect, acquired the correct type of phone, and set up the meeting. However, the prestige objective didn’t mark as complete. This occurred multiple times, regardless of the location.


Platform: PC (Steam)

Location: Freelancer (Hokkaido in this case)

Description: Prestige Objective “Arrange Meeting” not completing in spite of (four) phones placed on the floor [1].

Frequency: At least once [twice as of edit]. To be explored.


Hokkaido freelancer again. The leader was conscious on his way to the arranged meeting at the time of the picture [2].

2: https://imgur.com/UF8JO6T

I took a phone back to the cable car and activated it to arrange a meeting [3]. Without any suspects conscious and the leader dead it completed the prestige objective! Might be location dependent.

3: https://imgur.com/6NWLJ5W


PS5 and Steam
Hawkes Bay - The Politician ET

Unlike every other exit in the game where the final frame of the exit cutscene becomes the background of the “Mission Complete” screen; if you use the special car exit on The Politician ET, the background instead becomes that of the starting location.

Yes it’s a nitpicky bug, but a bug nonetheless that differs from the rest of the game.


Not sure if it’s my controller or something other people are having but I keep being knocked out from running long distances like I’m not holding the button anymore, this even happens when put on toggle so I’m wondering if it is a bug or update. I’m on PS5.

Edit: After further testing it is only Hitman I’m having this issue on, the button works fine for all other games that require me to press it and hold it for long durations. Therefore I’m sure it’s a weird bug or change affecting movement.

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ICA Facility - Guided Training

When playing Guided Training, this NPC now has the bandage around his head that previously was only there in previous games when you advance to Freeform Training - which ruins the joke that during Guided Training this ICA actor was genuinely injured as you were completing the tutorial despite Diana assuring you that all weapons are simulated.