HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread


Another nitpicky report - the subtitles for the “How to Play” video in the game for Freelancer spell the currency used for the mode as “Mercers” which is inconsistent with how they’re spelt everywhere else as “Merces”.

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Platform: PC (Epic)
Location: Freelancer mansion (basement?)

I’ve had this issue since forever (probably ever since the launch of the Freelancer patch?), where the screen blinks black one time after returning from a successful Freelancer mission. I can’t say I have encountered this outside of the Freelancer mode.

At 4 seconds in:

Any ideas why this happens? Anyone else also getting this every time?

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If you go to attend the bar in the highest floor of Dubai with a disguise other than Penthouse Staff, you get a disabled message as “Missing Cognac”.

However if you try the same in other bars, you get “As a Waiter” (which is correct).

I was working on some contract creation, and discovered this. Kindly excuse if it is not a bug or known issue.


Platform: ps4
Location: elusive target arcade dartmoor the procurers
Description: the 2nd dialogue between the 2 targets does not trigger, they remain standing doing nothing in front of each other and they do not move at all
**Frequency:**always on all arcade missions with them


PS5 and Steam

Gary Lunn in the Sarajevo Six has had his named misspelt as Garry in the recent re-release for WoA. The original spelling is still in the bios of other targets so…


PS5 and Steam

On the loading screen of The Chameleon, the box with the target’s image isn’t correctly set up. As it has additional requirements, the image should be scaled smaller like it appears on the mission planning screen with a grey background behind the additional requirement - just like how the second objective appears on the loading screen. As it stands, the text of the additional requirement just gets displayed right over the target’s face.



In the Elusive Target The Prince, this guard seems to have attended the same school that teaches teleportation as a guard in The Gunrunner (which got fixed last year).


Xbox One.

Freelancer, Haven Island.

One of the possible targets has a “?” character in his name.

Steps to reproduce: Travel to Haven Island in freelancer and check the names of the targets (randomness makes it difficult to reproduce).

Happened once but probably happens everytime with this NPC.


All locations

If 47 is holding a propane tank and a briefcase, when you go into your inventory and navigate to the briefcase immediately from the propane tank - the briefcase will still (incorrectly) display the “Accident: Explosion” tag from the propane even though you’ve changed items.

If another item is briefly selected so you can get to the briefcase in the inventory wheel, the “Accident: Explosion” tag is removed as intended.


All Platform

All Location

Is there a change in specifications to allow larger items to be tucked into the briefcase?
If I am not mistaken, large size items can be stored in the briefcase since January of this year of the freelancer implementation.
I believe that previously Katana, bats, axes, canes, etc. could not be stored in the briefcase.
I think this has markedly changed the difficulty of playing escalation and contracting.
Is this an official specification? Or is it a bug or something? Will it return to the original specification someday?
I did a quick review of the patch notes and couldn’t find any mention of this.
Sorry if this is an oversight on my part.

As an aside, I also consider the fact that the Seeker 1 and Tranquilizer needles can no longer coexist to be a major spec change.
It is very strange that there is no mention of this either.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. prepare a briefcase.
  2. prepare large sized items such as Katana, axes, etc.
  3. these larger sized items can be stored in the briefcase.


Translated at DeepL.

A few patches ago you removed a technique speedrunners used called stored shot.
It’s done by pressing/holding Instinct and then pressing the Shoot button. This would store a shot/bullet such that when you pressed Aim (after storing) it would fire the shot immediately. This was a very useful input technique and I would like to see it back. I’m guessing this was removed by accident since this was in the game from the beginning and only removed this year during the January patch (I believe).

Can you revert these inputs please, thanks!



This pipe in the little room off of Hirschmüller’s Office doesn’t highlight in instinct, even though you can scale the ledge to get to it to climb in and out.

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There are even after lastest patch still some clothes that have notable clipping issues. All of them still occur.
Platform: PC
Location: Landslide
Description: This NPC has notably blacked out back of his suit, and has shirt clipping through neck

Location: Santa Fortuna
Description: Hippie’s bandana and Elite Guards sunglasses have some notable clipping issues on head when worn

Location: Marrakesh
Description: Elite Soldier disguies has some notable clipping issues around his elbow

Location: Hokkaido
Similiar issue with Taheji Kojima, plus female patients have issues with clipping feet through their sandals

Location: Whittelton Creek
Description: Not sure if this has been fixed, but this mess of a disguise has been there since pre-launch of Freelancer

Location: Icon
Description: This NPC uses incorrect skin color on their arms


That’s still there. I saw it the other week and forgot to take a screenshot and have been playing it in hopes the one NPC that has that disguise (that I know of) spawns so I could post it, but alas he has not. The pants have terrible clipping. It’s more clipping than intended pants.


Steam and PS5
Whittleton Creek/The Serial Killer ET

On the mission planning screen, the target image is showing the “Any Method” and “Any Disguise” text - which is not how the rest of the game operates. If there is no restrictions, then this text is meant to be hidden and a larger target image is meant to be displayed instead.



Noticed this while playing Freelancer and hastily re-created it in the main mission - if you pull a NPC through this window, the body is marked as hidden. Even though its really not.


In the The Corky Commotion (H1 GOTY) escalation, the “No Agency Pickups” complication is incorrectly marked as being optional. Going to the loadout and attempting to select a pickup spot greets you with a “Not Available” message.


Platform: PC
Location: All (Freelancer)
Description: NPC’s chocolate bar they were eating will float, if you pacify them with Kalmer.
Frequency: Once

Location: Haven Island
Description: Walls in laundry room are so thin, than when exploding propane flask here, it killed my supplier (woman in shower)
Frequency: Always

Location: Paris (Freelancer)
Description: This treat cannot be poisoned, although it displays it can be, most likely because it is behind glass, which player can’t reach, but target can.
Frequency: Once

Location: Mendoza
Description: Poisoning guard NPC, while they drink, will cause them to have this weird glitch with arms.
Frequency: Once

Location: Hokkaido (The Controller)
Description: 47’s arms will float in air, when retrieving Sigma operation flies
Frequency: Always

Location: Berlin
Description: Female Technicians have some minor clipping issues on their sleeves
Frequency: Always

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There is loads of them it’s so annoying it seems to be on all my favorite maps :sob:

All Locations

Since January, whenever something appears in the picture-in-picture, if it doesn’t have one of the frames around it (ie “Target Eliminated”, “Briefcase Stashed” or “Body Found”), it won’t display correctly in that the objectives will be overlayed on top of it. This doesn’t happen in all cases, but happens often enough.

During Freelancer, mainly in Mumbai, the PIP won’t have the frame when a body is found so it can also happen there too.

This example of it occurring in Dubai seems to be consistent though.


Platform: PC

Location: Everywhere

Description: 47 will start walking at normal speed for a few steps before switching to slow walk when engaging slow walk from a stationary position

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game
  2. Load any mission
  3. Start slow walking while being stationary

Frequency: All the time