HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread

I play on xbox one. I have never been able to pick up the fuse in the garage in freelancer. I have reported this bug at least 5 times. No has fixed it yet. I have deleted and installed the game 4 times now. No change. Now all of a sudden playing today. I was not getting a prompt to pick up the mushroom out of the yard. Even though it highlites on instinct. I am getting so angry and frustrated I want to throw the game away and tell everyone I know not to buy it. I paid a lot of money for this game and people that are playing it for free are having lesd issues. Who do I email at ioi to get some of my money back? This is such bullshit.


Hokkaido - The Surgeons

Akane Akenawa’s face doesn’t look right anymore and is now darker than the rest of her. Its not just this specific spot either/a weird shadow thing in this area. It’s consistently there no matter where she is.


I may be misunderstanding your question, but I’m pretty sure it’s always been the case that you can take weapons such as baseball bats, katana, certain (or all) axes etc into missions inside a briefcase. Once the weapon is taken out of the briefcase though, it can’t be put back into the briefcase. This also means that where these weapons are available to pick up on location, they can’t be placed into a briefcase at all. Both in the main game and freelancer
I’ve always found this to be a hinderance with the “Pacify target - baseball bat” prestige obj. as it requires wearing a guard disguise to safely bring the bat back to the safe house after using it

Edit : although if i’m wrong and they did indeed implement this change, then somehow i’ve not even tried once in my many many hours playing freelancer and i’ve annoyingly been making things MUCH harder for myself at times

Please try it.
Before the Freelancer was implemented, as you know, you could only put them in the briefcase at the start of a mission, and it was impossible to re-store them after the mission had started.
Now, however, Katana and Bat and another big size items can be stored in the briefcase even during a mission.
This is true for both campaigns and freelancers.
Don’t you think it’s kind of strange?

Sorry, the language in the game is displayed in my country language.

All locations

If you place the banana on the ground so its able to cause a NPC to slip on it, if you reload a save after the banana was placed on the ground but before it caused someone to slip - the banana will now just look like it was dropped on the ground rather than placed to cause a slip. Only now you aren’t able to pick it up again to re-place it again.

As you can see from the save thumbnail - the banana was clearly placed:

But upon loading…


I contacted Microsoft support regarding the Trinity Pack for “HITMAN WoA for XBOX” not being available for purchase in Japan.

They replied that there is currently no purchase page and it is not available for purchase.
They said that Microsoft cannot respond to this issue and that they would like us to contact the manufacturer.

We can only ask the manufacturer, IOI, to take action.
We would like to purchase the Trinity Pack, so we ask for your cooperation.

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Steam and PS5

This yellow platform is not a trespassing area for 47 to be in while in his suit. If you go in either possible direction from this platform, you’re trespassing. So this seems to be quite illogical to be considered a public area.



When playing through the Kashmirian series of hidden Mission Stories, on the third one called “Homecoming” there is a very small typo in the Mission Story text. It should say “possibly” not “possible” - in Diana’s dialogue that plays which is just reading the same thing, she says “possibly” too so definitely just a small typo that has gone unnoticed since 2018.

Extremely minor I know, but I know typos have been fixed before so thought it worth mentioning.


Platform: PC - Epic

Location: All Season 1 Location

Description: There are many Subtitles Missing in Season 1 ETs and The Sarajevo Six Targets. Also, there are some Translation Mistakes in The Sarajevo Six.

Frequency: Occurs every time. (In Simplified Chinese only)


Platform: Xbox Series X

Location: Freelancer Safehouse

Description: 47 can walk into the table next to the grapes.

Platform: Xbox Series X

Location: Miami

Description: This open window in the area above the stands is unavailable for dumping bodies (even if the Y button wasn’t occupied at the time the picture was taken with the briefcase)


PS5 digital

Isle of Sgail

Mysterious voices heard on Isle of Sgail.
A voice bug that reminds me of “hey! listen” occurs on Isle of Sgail.
The location is near the helicopter.

Steps for reproduction

  1. go to the mission on Isle of Sgail.
  2. go to near the helicopter and cause a conversation between the custodian.
  3. leave the place for a certain distance.
  4. for some reason, custodian voices can be heard wherever you are.

Whenever you get close to the custodian.


Translated at DeepL.

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In the area near the Gaucho sniper spot, when dragging a body you have the option to dump the body over the railing when extremely close to the silos. The dumping animation will allow the body to fall inside of silo and be completely hidden from view, so it shouldn’t really be available as an option on some of these railings.


Bottomless body container! \o/



Entirely possible this is intentional, but the game does not award the “Perfect Run Bonus” of 2,500XP when completing a Showdown mission and all objectives were completed.


Platform: Xbox One, digital

Location: Siberia

Description: Similar issue to the achievements bug for the other two sniper missions where the corresponding achievement for completing all the challenges would not unlock after the carryover from H2 → H3.

Steps to reproduce: Whatever you guys did 2 years ago for the other two achievements

Frequency: Always (for 3 years now)



There is an invisible ledge here above the closet, so any items thrown at the camera will consistently get stuck up there with no hope of retrieval.

RIP Ornamental Sniper Rifle. :frowning:


Platform: PC

Location: (beds of) Hokkaido and Safehouse

Description: Sniper 47, where is your big red tie when you on the bed? Ahh, it’s through your chest.

Steps to reproduce: Wear the Sniper Challenge suit and start a mission in Hokkaido from Mr. Rieper’s suite.

Frequency: It seems that poor 47 can’t control the magic tie so this always happens.


Steam (also happens on PS5)

If you KO these two Block Guards and put on their disguise while you’re on the platform where they stand, when you go up the second stairs to an area that the Block Guard is allowed to be - it is a trespassing area (shown in first half of the below video). If you drag a body down the first set of stairs and then put the disguise on, the upper area isn’t trespassing as intended (shown in the second half of the video below).


Isle of Sgail

Two NPCs are consistently able to use this sick spot at once.


PS5 Digital

All Location

In the August patch “Over-sized Subtitles”, the default font size was changed from “22” to “24”, which caused line breaks in Japanese and made the text difficult to read.
I would like to change the font size back to “22” if possible, but I can only change it in 6 point increments and cannot change it back to “22”.
If possible, I would like to be able to select “22” or make the point change value more detailed.

Line breaks are wrong.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. set the font size to default in the options.
  2. it is fixed at “24” and cannot be returned to “22” anymore.


Translated at DeepL.