HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread

They have it on their website"We’re aware of reports that there are missing bottles on Hantu Port and the Siberia sniper missions. We’ve isolated the issue, and it will be fixed with our next major patch (3.160) aimed for August 2023.Status: Fix coming with next patch 3.160."

Broken Trophy until then.

Can you show a better view for coordinates 0,0,0? Like where would that spot be relative to Agent 47’s view


Holy crap. They updated the Known Issues page on the Support Hub. That thing has gone unused for over a year now.


Platform: Xbox Series X, Disc
Location: Isle of Sgail in Freelancer Mode
Description: The glow from an intercepted package in Sgail is too bright.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game
  2. Load Sgail in Freelancer
  3. Knock out target during meeting to obtain the package

Frequency: Twice. It’s worth mentioning that I don’t often knock out targets during meetings, so maybe it was just a fluke seeing it two times.


Or add more dialogue so NPCs actually react to the brightness.

Steam; PC
Freelancer mode ; Bangkok, Thailand

Jordan Cross guard disguise is seen as “trespassing” on top flor penthouse suites ?
Target in the center garden room of the penthouse suites. Killed no sweat. Hide body objective.
Did that and KO’d a Jordan Cross guard who patrols the room I was in.

I was using a normal hotel guard outfit. No problems with it all the way up there.
But it’s alerted territory and everyone enforces the hotel guards. Tried changing disguises to that Jordan Cross guard and I’m seen as “trespassing” to everyone until I get back to the stairs and the two hotel guards let me go right on by. So why if the guard I KO’d was legal to be there am I suddenly seen as trespassing when I use it as a disguse? This seems VERY counter intutive if it’s not a bug.

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PS5 digital

Freeluncer safehouse

Even If I maked a syringe, the syringe disappears when I put it back in the toolcase.

Steps to reproduce:
1.Make a syringe with either emetic, anesthetic, or lethal poison.
2.Do not start the mission and return it to the freelancer toolcase.
3.The syringe will disappear.

Happens every time.

Note: Sound is out of sync due to a glitch in the delivery app.

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