HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread

Correct. I am just fulfilling a promise I made at the top of my topics to post all bugs here as well. The game version listed marks the last time I could confirm the bug and/or issue existed. :+1:

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Yes, we have update 3.180 now. It takes a considerable amount of time for me to test every single entry in those topic threads so they are indeed behind.

No one is claiming the game has not received an update. It just takes a ton of time and effort to re-test and update those threads. :+1:


In Isle of Sgail, Level 1, Stronghold showroom across from the TV set, if you hide bodies in the recess area near ladder going down, in area next to the bathroom separated by walls, NPCs can see the bodies through the walls of the bathroom into the recess area (approximately the wall spanning the black and yellow exclamation points).


High End gaming PC


The Lust Assignation - Level 1 -
Major glitch. The safe doesnt always appear in the in the upstairs designated location - I have restarted the mission and the actual game numerous times - I would love to take a quick video show someone - Its Bizzare. I have been playing World of assassination for 1 year now on my insane Gaming PC without a hiccup - Runs beautifully and I am hooked. However, this one glitch is driving me insane. The safe is gone… Nowhere to be found!!! Is this a known issue?

Thank you


If you try to share your PC specs, this is a very bad way to do that in a thread like this.
Either provide full specs or simply put bug report ignoring this useless line

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There are 12 possible locations for the safes, with six being chosen at random to actually have one in each run. Is that what you’re (not) seeing?

Issue resolved…My bad,

Thank you


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Every single time this happens, I say to myself that I’ll report it, but I never do because I lack the evidence for it, but it just happened again, and it’s happened to me probably a dozen times, across platforms but mostly on PS4, and so here you have it:

Platform: PS4 mostly but it has happened on XBOX SS

Location: All

Description: The game will crash when I’m crouching around and I place an item on the ground.

Steps to reproduce: Random. I have noticed that when crouching around, often but not exclusively when i’m moving quickly, I place an item on the ground and the game crashes. It crashes instantly during/after the placement of the item (as in, the item appears on the ground, the sound briefly happens, the animation doesn’t finish, and the game crashes).

Any videos or images that will help explain the issue: I wish I could but this is a totally random occurence and I’m not filming ahead of time nor can I capture video on PS4 after a game has been exited.