HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread

May be you can try using a vpn. It’s really a shame a more precise error is not reported by the game.

Platform: PC, Steam

Location: Santa Fortuna (Freelancer)

Description: This guard NPC is holding a handgun like it’s a rifle.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game
  2. Load the Santa Fortuna Map in Freelancer
  3. Walk over to the square and observe the guard

Frequency: Only once, so far



Ah, the Zone Drill. Man knows his weapon techniques!


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Isle of Sgail

The game will let 47 go into cover on these little sections, but you can’t go anywhere. When you leave cover, 47 is stuck behind the pole. And the camera goes into first-person.


Platform: PC (i7 & iRIS Xe integrated graphics card), EPIC

Location: Most H1 and H2 location

Description: All of the H1 and many of the H2 maps are completely unplayable in special modes e.g. Freelancer, Arcade and ET as they have extremely bright Lightning and chrome/metallic rainbow reflections from all surfaces. This never occurs in story mode and is somewhat inconsistent (e.g. Santa Fortuna has this in Freelancer but not the revolutionary ET). Restarting the mission, reinstalling the game or graphics drivers does not help.

Frequency: ALWAYS



Steam, Linux using Proton GE

sniper gamemode. Scoping the weapon blurs the entire screen, including the scope and reticle

frequency always

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Platform: PC (Steam)

Location: Paris, Sapienza, Hokkaido, Miami, Haven Island

Frequency: Always.

Description: Several disguises in certain H1 and H2 maps which feature aprons are still/again broken when viewed from the back. Some short aprons (Florida Man, Hokkaido chef, Haven cooks/barkeeps) have the back side missing, while some long aprons (Paris chef, Sapienza chef, Miami kitchen staff) have a triangle “hole” or a different fabric.

I tried quickly checking all apron disguises I remember, and below are the screens of the ones I found broken. Others that I checked (Sapienza kitchen staff, Marrakesh waiter, Bangkok barkeeps, Colorado militia cook, Miami food vendors and waiters, Mumbai metal workers, Whittleton food vendors, Haven villa staff, Sgail waiters and chefs) were fine, but I could´ve missed/forgotten some.

Short aprons:

Long aprons:


Platform: PC (Steam)

Location: Isle of Sgail

Description: Fairly minor issue, but 47´s eyebrows clip through the mask on the guard disguise a bit, which I believe didn´t use to be the case (at least in H2).

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Bangkok - The Source

Chef disguise is trespassing in the Nabazov exhibition for some reason, although there are no enforcers


Any chances of the bug of targets leaving the game area being fixed eventually? Has been happening a lot since the last update.


When “The Showstopper” (Paris) mission ends (first misson in Hitman 1), cinematic “The Secrects of the Global Elite” do not play as it should do. Game just open “World of Tomorrow” mission. If I try to click on this cinematic in game to start play it, nothing happens.
Seems ‘World of Assasination’ game version do not have this cinematic for some reason.
Works fine in simple ‘Hitman 1’ game version


Marrakesh - A Gilded Cage (and I assume other variations of this map)

The indications on the map that denote going up or down stairs are swapped. They have been like this for a while, unsure if this has been reported already.


Platform: PC - Epic Games. Low specs and 30 fps, might not be recreatable on better performing platforms

Location: Freelancer Safehouse

Description: DLC customization options can be accessed without actually owning DLCs.

Steps to reproduce:

Open Safehouse level. Open any customization menu - music, furniture, etc that has at least one option locked by DLC.

Let’s say we have three available options in the following order - X, Y and Z. Out of those, Z is the one that requires a DLC to select, and Y is the available one. Switch to option X; then switch to option Y and press the “Set & Exit” prompt in very quick succession. As a result, the game will switch to the next item Z and set it despite it not being available.

Frequency: Seems to be consistent, at least on my end; can be done with any customization menus in Safehouse.

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