Hitman 3 Carry Over 99% (Requiem Pack) [Known issue]

After a couple of tries I finally could transfer my progression, all items have been carried over (yes even the Legacy season 1 coin) from HITMAN 2 except the requiem pack (Suit, Explosive, Pistol). It seems that the Requiem DLC was tied to Hitman 1&2, my guess is that there’s a compatibility issue with Hitman 3. Does anyone have the same problem? Thanks in advance.

same here. No requiem suit and pale duck, weird

I have the Requiem Pack. What does your Store tab look like? Is Hitman GOTY checked off?

Me neither. Got everything but requiem.

Really?? Count yourself lucky :joy: only person who has it!

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I have all the old levels including GOTY but no requiem pack. IIRC I had an issue getting this pack when i got H2 and had to contact @Travis_IOI and he or one of his people fixed it.

Same here. Everything unlocked except for requiem pack.

Well, several of us share the same problem with the Requiem pack. In a tweet, they ensure that they’re reading our comments. Normally, IOI is aware of it and fix this problem. We need to wait.

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Yes, everything is installed. I bought the CE PS4 edition of Hitman 1, it was always there until now. After researching a bit, it looks like the requiem items are tied to a DLC pack from Hitman 1, you can see on the microsoft store that it’s compatible with H1&2 but not H3. Can I ask what platform you’re on?

Really odd…

Series X

I mainly play HITMAN on PC. At first check it seems that i have everything (of course no any requiem pack which is strange because the game should see these contents, no?).

Best thing to do is to check from a list all unlockables updated for HITMAN 3.

P.S: Missions Stories has been resetted for unkown reason. Nevermind, i will “play” them again only to have the 100% for each location. In any case there is no unlockable behind on this hitman.

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Can anyone on PS confirm transfer of Jaeger 7 Covert & Claw Hammer please?

On PS, I can confirm that Jaeger 7 Covert and Claw hammer are carried over on H3


Same problem here – Playstation 5 digital, H3 Deluxe, H2 Gold + Legacy pack.

Hi guys;
I was on this forum since H1, but somehow I cannot get acces to my old account :frowning:

Mine Requiem pack was also NOT imported in carryover. I write this down here becouse you told they are reading those and removing any issues.

So @Travis_IOI I lack my Requiem pack. :frowning:

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On PC, I did the transfer. Got every possible unlockable items from Hitman 2 with the exception of the the ICA Electrocution Phone, the Bangkok suit, the Requiem suit, the Requiem Duck and the ICA19 Chrome.

While that’s normal for the ICA Electrocution Phone (pull out from the game by the developpers) and in my case for the Bangkok suit (since I failed the only Bangkok elusive target that Hitman 2 ever produced, hope III will offer me some chances to get it at last), the remaining 3 missing items all came from the Requiem Pack.

So I aslo confirm that there is a problem with it’s transfer or activation. And I’m really looking forward for it to be transfered because it’s among one of my favorites suits and weapons …

I’m missing the Requiem Pack, but also all of the Halloween content. The suit I had earned, nor the escalation I had earned it with, are available here.
Can it be confirmed this is a general thing? Was this communicated in advance?
Didn’t check for Holiday Hoarders or the Hokkaido Snow Festival, but their unlocks are still there in any case.

IOI is looking on absence of Requiem Pack


Source : HITMAN 3 - Player Guide - IO Interactive


Great news guys!! Sounds like we’ll be getting it, Full unlocks :sunglasses:

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Will we need to reinstall it to get it or will they just update it into the game?