Hitman 3 Carry Over 99% (Requiem Pack) [Known issue]

I have a complete trilogy in my library and I need my ICA Chrome

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Yes, I have it.

Series X here.

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Series X Gang has the Raven Suit then and I can confirm it. :sunglasses:

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We are lucky to even own a SX…

I still want a PS5 Digital but I’ll wait until 2024.


IOI can keep trying to fix this issue, I never liked the Requiem suit. Someone please explain the appeal. :wink:

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I just want the ICA19 Chrome because 47 has it at the end cutscene of Argentina


It’s not so much the appeal that makes the suit special, it’s nostalgia for Blood Money. The requiem suit is a staple of the franchise as much as 47’s signature suit. Other then that it’s not the best looking suit, I agree.


This tweet from IOI confirms that Requiem suit is part of H3 inventory. Hopeit will be fixed on next patch.



Whose optimistic we’ll have the requiem pack come the first game update? (23rd Feb) :grinning:


Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: Love that suit


*The requiem pack does not appear in Hitman 3 (requiem suit, white rubber duck and chrome ICA pistol) :frowning:
*Also, the electrifying smartphone does not appear in the inventory either.
*And there is an error with a door in Sapienza that DOES NOT open ; I hope they fix it promptly. :frowning:
Link error Door of Sapienza:


  • Requiem Pack: IOI is aware of that problem and is currently looking on a fix. Let’s hope IOI will fix it on next patch scheduled next tuesday.
  • Electrocution phone: Its removal is intended. IOI informed the players (through its website) that EP is removed from H3 (presumably for balance purpose).
  • If you encounter any bug during your playthrough, you can report them on the dedicated thread.
    HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread

Thanks for the info BlobSponge.


This is what I’m hoping for :wink:


Not sure if this helps, but I performed the Steam transfer and appear to have everything but the Requiem Pack in-game.

For some odd reason, the Epic Games Store says I own all access passes except for Hitman 2 Gold.

Can anyone else confirm this to be a result of the Steam transfer?

2 days until we’re back in business with our Requiem suit and ICA Chrome :smirk::wink:

I miss that ICA chrome pistol. For the time being I’m using white trinity but it’s not the same as ICA chrome.

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Just bought HM3 deluxe the other day on Xbox. Still no Requiem suit. Disappointed, because that was all I used in the past couple weeks on HM2.

It seems everyone was worried about it missing a little more than two weeks ago, but no other replies… Is everyone else finding a way to get it that I’m unaware of?

It’s on IO’s list of Known Issues. They’re working on it. Until then, all we can do is wait.


Don’t worry it’s going to be fixed soon.

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It is :raising_hand_man:At last long time waiting