Hitman 3 carry over won’t work

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Issue carrying over progress from Hitman 2

Just bought Hitman 3, IOI account linked on Hitman 2, checked on my IOI account portal and both Hitman 2 and 3 are showing as owned and my Xbox account linked but keeps throwing up the message that no eligible Hitman 2 accounts were found. Tried to unlink Xbox account and relink, log out of everything and retry but same issue.

Know it was an issue at launch but can’t find any recent stuff online with people with issues? Don’t ideally want to start playing 3 until my progress is across from 2.

Any help would be appreciated!

Same issue. Nothing to finde on the interwebs.

Same issue I’m going through, not sure what to do about it.

I’m having the same problem. It really sucks as my rank on hitman 2 is 147 but not being able to transfer makes me not want to play hitman 3 until I’m able to transfer my progress

Holy shit, is this STILL a problem? :grimacing:

Guys, the part about not finding an eligible game is on the progress transfer’s (IOI) end.

I would advice to refrain from unlinking/relinking IOI Account to Hitman 2/3 and check back with the carry over page every now and then.

It did (eventually) work for me, and others it seems.

Any problems encountered by the carryover-page SHOULD be on IOI if you have registered your IOI account on both games.

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Just to update everyone, tried it an lunchtime today and to my surprise the account was showing as able to transfer and let me carryover my progress. Not sure if this was luck or random or just a delay but looks like it has sorted mine now, so hopefully the same for everyone else.