Hitman 3 - Challenge Runs

Share videos for challenge runs and other impressive feats done in Hitman WoA.

The topic Hitman 3 - Speed Runs never felt too fitting to me for runs that focus on challenges other than just speed.

Lately I’ve being trying some “pacifist run” inspired runs… obviously being a pacifist in Hitman is ridiculous so we have to do some mental gymnastics, but it makes for interesting approaches…


nice im will be uploding some crazy kills that are just awesome

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Had some too! Well, I’ll leave the ETs videos out, but there are some others:

World of Tomorrow (without virus): Ghost Assassin

(never bothered with a proper thumbnail but people liked this random one for some reason)

  • No interactions with map objects (including blood puddles and bullet impacts)
  • No interactions/distractions with NPCs (besides targets)
  • Destroy target bodies in acid

World of Tomorrow: Spyhole Sniper

  • There is a hole in the biolab to the otuside.
  • I kill both targets with one Lancer shot through it.
  • Silvio is in his plane.

World of Tomorrow: Laser targeting cannons

  • Kill both with ancient cannons
  • Chain reaction kills both
  • Triggered by Laser Tripwire

Chasing a Ghost: Neck Snaps & Pistol Clicks

  • Kill all targets with neck snaps
  • No pacifications
  • The only distraction used is the noise an empty pistol makes

im think that im might actually do today a crazy kill miami the map is going to be miami

Brand new vid from a fellow runner of challenges, Trzebiat:


Ladies and gentlemen un this day im going to star my new series C.A.R.M.E.N also C.A.R.M.E.N is for
by versioN Ωmega
Is a bit more comedic then the normal runs and also im Will be going to upload the “bloopers” of the runs

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That would be C. A. R. M. A. V

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No It would be C.A.R.M.E.V actually
And actually im like more C.A.R.M.E.V

It appears we both cannot spell today, it would be CARMEV you’re correct (now! :sweat_smile:)

Here’s a montage full of ways I’ve taken care of most trilogy targets and a bunch of ETs.

Also a bunch of cool runs from various runners are in this playlist, though I always forget to update it: Hitman Community Spotlight - YouTube


Guys and girls pls help me im need help because im recored the run un obs studio but goes in a shitty framerate and some parts frezze like what the hell pls somone help me to fix these prolem because is the reason that probarly have the video today and the Next day

What platform do you play?

If you’re on a phone when you edit i recommend something like CapCut.
Just don’t listen to Spotify because that has messed up my audio!


Do you start OBS as administrator?

Im play on a computer

Nope im.dont have obs studio as an admin

start obs as admin, me this help

Ok but how like if im run the direct acees as admin and thats It?im Will not get the messege of there is a obercharge

Yeah, thats it, for me after this action in record videos get there were no friezes

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Well thats simple but whit the framerate like is going to also fix that because im trying to kill Robert the video frezzes and goes in a horrible framerate like 10 or 5 fps and also
It also says something about codification which program or option should I choose for codification? Like also what configurartion should im chosse for making videos like the resulution etc?

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I send you them massage in PM

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