Hitman 3 deluxe pack not working

Hello everybody, today (2024/5/10), I purchased the Hitman 3 Deluxe Pack. However, after purchasing and installing it, the Deluxe Pack doesn’t seem to be working in Hitman 3. I’m certain that I’ve made the purchase, but it still shows ‘Purchase.’

What do you mean by “not working”?
The game does not launch or how you define it’s not working?

Hello,when I purchased the deluxe pack, it still shows in the game that I don’t own it.

So you can’t play New York, Haven Island, 7 Deadly Sins etc?
See this chart for reference

If you can access to what shown under Deluxe category then just ignore what says the in-game shop.
If you can access any of those, your game is Deluxe Edition

I own this dlc but I just it’s not working

another pic

@Combatglue step in please

You bought the wrong dlc. The one you bought only includes the six deluxe escalations. Other missions like New York and Haven aren’t included in this one.

Which dlc do I need to buy?

It’s the red highlighted one on the screenshot you’ve sent. If you click on it, it will redirect you to the steam page as far as I know. Keep in mind that you’re paying for those deluxe escalations a second time now.

@G_GAA just remembered.
Go to Steam library (the app, not the website) and check if the freshly bought content installed.
I assume it’s not, that’s why you can’t access it. Install it first.
Go to the Library, choose the game, find the cogwheel, click Properties, then DLC and make sure that all the content is checked

This is not a licensing issue. He bought “Hitman 3 - Deluxe Pack”, which only includes the 6 deluxe escalations. The DLC he’s looking for is “Hitman World of Assassination Deluxe Pack” as can be seen in the screenshot he posted above.

You are not the first one with this purchasing issue.
Today we also have this topic :

So, if you permit me, I will copy paste the explanation.

And yes the conclusion is that you bought the wrong dlc, but that’s not on you. The right DLC is not accessible via steam, and the wrong one is the only one existing and linked to on the game page.

There exists two “Deluxe Pack”:

  • Hitman 3 Deluxe Pack, which was the deluxe launch version of Hitman 3 standalone, now delisted.
    • It has the deluxe escalations, the ost, the comic. And that’s it.
    • Seven Deadly Sins were post launch content and separate. New York and Haven Island were from Hitman 2, so again separate. None are inside.
    • It’s 6.99
  • Hitman World of Assassination Deluxe Pack. which is what you will want. It’s an upgrade for the final version of the whole trilogy.
    • So it has everything.
    • It’s 29.99

The second is what you are looking for.

The reason it’s confusing, is because the curation of the Steam page was bungled.
On all the other platforms, the Hitman World of Assassination Deluxe Pack is visible, accessible, and purchasable from their store.

But, Steam made it inaccessible. You can search it, it actually appears in the search results, but if you click on it the page is empty, and will redirect you directly to the main

The only one you will see on the game page, and actually purchasable is the Hitman 3 one. Which is not what you want.

This is way its review is overwhelmingly negative, and a frequent cause of backlash, frustration, and announcement of IOI being intentionally misleading and scummy on various social media from new steam players.

You can purchase the Hitman World of Assassination Deluxe Pack from in-game store.

On steam this might be your only way to do so.


Uh, so i should buy “Seven Deadly Sins” not “Deluxe Pack” right?

By the way when clicked this link:
[https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/30335/HITMAN_World_of_Assassination_Deluxe_Pack/?snr=1_7_7_151_150_1 ]
He redirected me to the main

Literally buy this pack Landdirthome mentioned.

You can find it in the store section in the game.

Yeah ik, but when i clicked in game, will redirected me to the main

Seven Deadly Sins is just Seven Deadly Sins (seven escalation-style bonus missions and a handful of cosmetics you unlock playing each)

Sorry for stepping in late, been some bank holidays last week, but we have been working a lot lately to try to make it easier to understand.

But it is the Hitman World of Assassination Deluxe you would want in the end, as someone pointed out.

(I dont know if you can refound it and pick up the right edition, and even wait for it to be on discount?)

Sorry for not being more of a help here thought.

I will bring this feedback back to the team.

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