which version to buy

Hi everyone,
I’m coming from the Xbox version that was included in the pass. Since it was removed I would like to purchase the full game.
What if I get hitman world of assassin and apart from the deluxe dlc I have the complete game with everything?
Thank you

Depends on what you want.
If you want just basic game with almost all locations and nothing else, go for WoA.
If you want the full game with all the locations, additional missions, weapons, suits etc etc etc go for WoA Deluxe.

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Here is an handy chart.

New York and Haven Island, two main/major maps are not in the standard edition. So they might be your main interrogation for your purchase.


From this chart Deluxe seems looks like real Deluxe and not that crap it was at release

thanks for the explanation but I have a doubt about the steam site.
there is the base game and the deluxe game. As DLC there is a deluxe pack for around $10 but it doesn’t seem to be the one that expands the game but provides audiobook and other trivial things. Is there a function inside the game to switch from basic to deluxe game?

Theres the World of Assassination Deluxe pack worth 150 on xbox, thats the one i got the other day, theres just so much and plenty of different game modes too :sob:

You are right.

There exists two “Deluxe Pack”:

  • Hitman 3 Deluxe Pack, which was the deluxe launch version of Hitman 3 standalone, now delisted.
    • It has the deluxe escalations, the ost, the comic. And that’s it.
    • Seven Deadly Sins were post launch content and separate. New York and Haven Island were from Hitman 2, so again separate. None are inside.
    • It’s 6.99
  • Hitman World of Assassination Deluxe Pack. which is what you will want. It’s an upgrade for the final version of the whole trilogy.
    • So it has everything.
    • It’s 29.99

The second is what you are looking for.

The reason it’s confusing, is because the curation of the Steam page was bungled.
On all the other platforms, the Hitman World of Assassination Deluxe Pack is visible, accessible, and purchasable from their store.

But, Steam made it inaccessible. You can search it, it actually appears in the search results, but if you click on it the page is empty, and will redirect you directly to the main

The only one you will see on the game page, and actually purchasable is the Hitman 3 one. Which is not what you want.

This is way its review is overwhelmingly negative, and a frequent cause of backlash, frustration, and announcement of IOI being intentionally misleading and scummy on various social media from new steam players.

(@Combatglue you might want to look into it. I hope this post is a good showcase of the situation as I can understand it)

Now, and this might require someone with steam checking it, you can purchase the Hitman World of Assassination Deluxe Pack from in-game store.

On steam this might be your only way to do so.
(again this is not how the rest of the stores work, so I don’t know, and mistake from IOI is probable)
(this is from Xbox, so if a steam player could verify it would be appreciated)

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thank you very much for helping. At this point, given that I have yet to purchase the game, I would opt for Epic and in the future expand directly from the Epic store and forget about Steam.

Forwarded it internally

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in the end I redeemed the hitman 3 world of assasin code on epic and purchased directly from the epic expansion store.
As soon as I get home I’ll see if everything went well

@Combatglue @LandirtHome

The title you specified is indeed no longer available in Steam.

We don’t have the ability to bring back titles that has been removed by the publishers.

You might as well get in touch with them and see if they can help you get it.

Steam Support

The link to the “HITMAN World of Assassination Deluxe Pack” used to work, but it seems to be gone.
I think this is unfriendly to those who are planning to buy it.

In my country, there seems to be a number of buyers who think they have purchased “HITMAN World of Assassination” and end up buying “PartOne”.
Some feel they have been scammed.
This is not the first time this has happened, but I can tell from users’ voices that the announcements are inadequate.

It is better to leave the “HITMAN World of Assassination Deluxe Pack” page.
You should also add a link page to the newly added “HITMAN World of Assassination Upgrade Pack” in the description section of the “HITMAN World of Assassination” page.

Then, it would be easier to understand on the DLC page that it is necessary to purchase “HITMAN World of Assassination” in order to use these contents.

Translated at DeepL.

Part 1 is a scam, the upgrade pack doesn’t even show on the store page, there’s no option to buy just Hitman 3 with the Hitman 3 maps, the Bank and Haven Island feel out of place as Deluxe maps, and you guys removed the carryover option for people who already owned that stuff. So they get to pay for it again, which is even less exciting than it sounds. Bring the carryover back.

I would like to see the following packages:

  1. Hitman WoA: Contains the Hitman 3 game and all the main levels, HM1+HM2+HM3. Includes New York, Haven Island, and all the side and sniper missions. This one contains all three of the main game packages in one convenient bundle; you need all three packages to play Freelancer.
    ~$70, prorated (i.e. discounted) for any of the below packages somebody already owns. Remember, you need to stop confusing people, not trick them into paying full price for stuff they already own.

  2. Hitman 1 package. Contains the Hitman 3 game and all Hitman 1 maps, including GOTY content (Patient Zero, suits, etc.). You already sell this, and it’s pissing people off because of the perceived dishonesty in how you sell it. ~$20.

  3. Hitman 2 package. Contains the Hitman 3 game and all Hitman 2 maps, including access pass content (New York, Haven Island, special assignments, sniper maps). You don’t sell the HM2 Access/Expansion Pass separately anymore - you bundle it in here. Stop confusing people. ~$30, prorated if somebody already owns Hitman 2 maps without the access pass (so ~$10 if they only need the access pass).

  4. Hitman 3 package. Contains the Hitman 3 game and all Hitman 3 maps. ~$20.

  5. Deluxe package. Contains 7Sins and the deluxe escalations, their suits, their items, the soundtrack, comic, whatever. Charge whatever you want for this I guess. ~$15-20?

  6. Starter pack/demo. Contains both ICA Training Facility maps, and Paris. Just… give people Paris for free. ICA Facility sucks, you aren’t pulling anybody in with that. $0 (free).

Then you’ve got all the minor stuff like Sarajevo Six, Undying Pack, Trinity Pack etc. that can stay where it is.

tl;dr please clean up the store page so I can stop posting this excellent picture.


I purchased the key separately
Hitman 3 World of Assassination PC (EU & UK) for Epic.
From the epic store I then got €27 for the deluxe pack.
If I look in the Epic store it says that Hitman I can buy it, but if I try it tells me that I already have it. Instead the DLC says it’s already in the library. I hope I didn’t mess up buying the key outside of Epic and everything is compatible. The installation started and it tells me that I have 17 addons.

Since when that “part 1” bundle has been there? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t at first after the WOA rebrand. Wasn’t the whole point of that rebrand to make buying the fricking game less confusing? That version is completely unnecessary, why is it so hard for them to be consumer friendly? Nobody wants to go to google or a forum just to know how are they supposed buy this thing.

I bought the game about 2 months ago on Steam. I purchased the HITMAN WoA Deluxe Edition. As far as I can see that edition includes everything except for the Content seen in the screenshot. Everything else is there (if I don’t overlook anything).

When I looked for the right version, I found this Reddit-Thread, that might help others choosing the right Edition for them: https://www.reddit.com/r/HiTMAN/comments/18w8zet/2024_guide_to_buying_hitman_3_and_world_of/

Whatever you changed seems to have removed my ability to play the Hitman 1+2+DLC maps in the HM3 free starter pack on Steam

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I don’t know if this is related, but about a while ago, family players who share a Steam family also stopped being able to use the DLC stages.


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