Hitman 3 doesn’t recognize my Hitman 1 ownership

I just purchased Hitman 3 and it’s telling me to buy the Hitman 1 GOTY edition. I don’t own that version. I purchased the first game episodically. I don’t have an option to retrieve these maps on Hitman 3 because the Hitman 1 GOTY edition is the only option as far as I can see.

Help!!! (Xbox One X)

Check this link and follow through, in particular the part where mando posts the links - Legacy Pack for GOTY in hitman 3

I added to the fix posted in the link above. I had to attempt to purchase the Hitman - Legacy Pack to get the H1 content to work. I’m not sure if this will help you as you say you don’t own the H1 GOTY edition and I show ownership for H1 GOTY and the H1 GOTY Legacy Pack. Could not access H1 content until I got access to the discontinued Hitman Legacy Pack (not GOTY Legacy Pack).

Hope this helps you (and others)

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I’ll test these methods out