Hitman 3 Elusive Target Rewards

It’s a real shame how players don’t get rewarded for completing hitman 3 ets. at least for h2 and h2016 we got a different suit variant, but for hitman 3, nothing. It would be cool if we got some sort of suit for each location, or at least the et’s clothes.

As forum indicates it’s a controversial question.
Because Elusive Target can not be replayed and if you failed it you’ll never get the reward.
So I don’t know. I would’ve voted yes. But…


well this should be solved with their “new et formula” they’ve been saying they’ll add.

We’ll see. They haven’t specified anything about what the change to the formula might be, so that is a case of wait and see.

Personally I think it’s a great decision to not have any unlockable rewards associated with ETs: it’s much more player-friendly not to gate unlocks behind a Success/Fail condition that can never be re-attempted. All for more suits etc in the game, but I prefer them to be unlockable via methods that players can retry until they succeed.


Travis said in the last livestream that the new formula is yet to be rolled out. It was mistakenly announced for the H3 release / first ET.


Yeah that’s already been discussed before: What H3 ETs should get as a reward - #5 by PatteDeFruit

As said above they’re working on a new formula for the ETs. Stay tuned :wink:


15th was a magnet for this topic hm.


As a reply to someone’s comment in the latest ET walk through video.

So, you want to get rewarded for location specific ETs. It would be great to get another something. To date, I have nearly everything the game has to offer in Suits, Items, and Weapons. I still have to complete FCs for all of track 2 and the last unlock for track 1. With the 7 Deadly Sins, we get more if desired. You can prefer purchasing the DLCs or use someone’s else system that have H3. My son has his profile on my PS4 and he has his own PS4. I just didn’t see the point of purchasing two 7 Deadly Sins DLCs. With this said, I don’t know what else we can get. IOI is basically running out of ideas. For suits, would it be good for 47 to steal the suits of the male ETs for his own use? Maybe some sort of trinket as a souvenir? With the Twins, the ET wears a gold watch. This could be repurposed as some form of a device for 47. Watches were used in missions before. Additionally, 47 can wear watches in alternative suits. I would love to get something for ETs. I missed out on all H1 and H2 ETs. The suits from those ETs can be added as rewards in H3. As an example, I unlocked suits and items in H2 and unlocked them again in H3 without repeats in inventory. Just, I’m not sure if this already been done because I didn’t cross referenced. So, Yes, I would love to get rewarded for assassinating ETs regardless of location and without SA requirement.

That was one of IO’s plan way back and they made quite a few, but they went with location suits with gloves instead :cowboy_hat_face: (though there are unique suits for completing specific amounts of them too)

It sure would be better if they were replayable after your first run but like points wouldn’t count or whatever, after all they’re from an alternate timeline so why couldn’t that apply later on…

Getting the ETs clothes on completion would also be more interesting and would offer more unique suits for most of them, the game’s really not doing well with skins for a singleplayer game :upside_down_face:

People in 2016-2020: putting rewards behind playing specific ETs is stupid. Just have the amount of ETs and how well you do give you rewards, no one wants locations and the undying unlocks again. Put the suits behind mastery

People in 2021: what the hell!? Mastery unlocks suits!? Why did they do that!?

Well the fact that you have to fully play a map to unlock its suit with gloves makes more sense than for ETs, and again that’d allow for more unique suits unlocks specific to elusive targets but then people would complain because they can’t have the cool suits

I think they shouldve included new suits for playing the ETs, maybe for doing 18,21,24 ETs or 10,15 silent assassin, but i dont miss location suits at all. I think IO shouldve put the old ones behind mastery too if i was in charge. Location ET suits meant you spent way too long waiting to get the suit you wanted instead of working towards a goal with each ET and it meant you had to play on a location you might not like to get a suit you want. The current system is more flexible the downside is it’s boring to have the same unlocks from the last game