Hitman 3 Future DLC ideas

These are just an idea, but I would love all the sniper assassin levels from Hitman 2, reimagined as the normal sandbox-style levels we are use to. The levels themselves are really good for the sniper assassin game mode, but I think they have strong potential to be reimagined to be like the regular levels. Also it could be a neat idea to give all the currently existing levels a sniper assassin variant to play, just an idea.

hey, people have been putting their ideas in this thread here.


especially the big russia , weird no in the trilogy in regular map

I’m with you on that idea.

There’s nothing more I wanted was to go and explore the prison in Siberia. That level gave me Silent Assassin vibes straight away, I loved it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

In Soviet Russia, Target kill Agent.

I think its in Cuba
The sniper assassin mode nice but boring after few games

Sniper map in Cuba, achievement: ‘light up 8 cigars with your rifle’.

I would love to see an airport level. So many wonderful ways to take out your target there!