Hitman 3 how to design a guard uniform?

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How do I design a guard and his rifle and have a target follow?

Oprostite novi sam ovdje.

I don’t understand what you mean. Could you elaborate on this?

How do I design a guard and his rifle?

What do you mean by this? Design a guard and his rifle?


Do you mean “designate”?


I assume you want a guard/NPC following you by using a gun or someone that has a rifle, ergo a guard? In any case there are two methods I know. You can do this by placing a gun for an NPC to fetch a guard to pick it up. Then pick up that gun to have them follow you. I’m pretty sure it works for guards and targets too.

Or you can use a coin through this method, which can go so far as they can see you fetch them. This definitely works for anyone.

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No how to design a guard uniform and put an HX10 rifle on his back just as an example, sorry new alone here.

If a guard has that rifle equipped at least. Otherwise if you’re giving a guard a rifle for him to put on his back that wouldn’t be possible. Although I’m still not entirely sure what you’re referring to so please forgive me, all good if you’re new.

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Are you by any chance trying to say that you want to “create” a Guard for a Contracts Mode Target, if so, you can’t, sorry.