Hitman 3 keeps freezing and crashing in carpathian mountains

when i first start the mission it works great but as i progress and if i shoot someone or snap somones neck or do anything the game freezes and then crashes on me. this is horrible is this happening to anyone else? is IO gonna fix this?

You will want to be more specific about your issues, including details like what platform do you play the game on? While you can, please post this again under the official bug report thread to let IOI know. Thank you.

i cant find the bug thread can you please post a link for me? is the technical support thread the bug report thread or no?

I have already shared the link to the thread. If you can’t open it, I will share it again. Click here.

So my game is crashing every time when I try to lockpick/break open the cabinet to get the fuse cell in the room with the high commanding officer.