Hitman 3 level emblems list?

(example image!)

Ive been trying to look for a list of some sort of the emblems that show whenever you level up.

According to a reddit comment there was a thread on here with such a list, but has since been scrubbed? And, I know, reddit comments arent the most reliable source.

If this even exists / existed, or anything similar, and you have any memories or information or anything about it please let me know!
Thank you all in advance!

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Welcome! :smiley:

The Forum was reset since then so older threads are no longer part of this site.

However a user saved everything and so the old thread can be found here:



IIRC you start to get animals (snake, wolf, lion) a bit before 1000. When you reach 2500 the title changes from “malus necessarium” into “ius obscurus” and the icons reset to loop back into the early weapons. AFAIK it happens again when you reach 5000 but I’m not there yet :x


I had a small collection of level badges, but for some reason it was lost.
I will look up again, maybe I just forgot were it’s stored.
Though I hope the link above consists what I have collected


Malus Necessarium (01 – 2,500)
Ius Obscurus (2,501 – 5,000)
Mortifer Velocis (5,001 – 7,500)

This is what we got concerning the caption.


Here’s a series of emblems, passed level 1100:

As you can see, first there is a motif, which is repeated twice next, inlaid in an escutcheon.
After that, the first patterns return indeed.


awesome, thank you so much!