HITMAN 3 - Modding Thread

hi, when u will release a new patch for 3.160.0?

I have some issues with the new traveler suit and since I guess it’s because I use mods I thought to post it here. This is what I see looking at the challenge:

I was still able to complete the challenge, now I have the suit. This is what it says now in the description of the suit and when I want to wear it, it’s not working and automatically the level starts with the normal starting suit.

I thought maybe it’s because of the Grey-Mods I use, so I deleted the runtime files, but the issues was still there. So does anybody have an idea what’s going on? Are my mods responsible?


What mods do you use?

I use the four Grey mods from @WINNODD, to play in his normal outfit, his jacket or his cargo pants and the mod for head swap with 47 and I have that mod that replaces Dianas picture in the menu with one from Grey

This PC? Seems game don’t load locoliization for that

Yes it’s on PC, I play via Epic

try made files check

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It worked and now it works together with the Grey Mods :heart_eyes: Thank you so much for your help @Dinozafr :two_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello everyone

I’m new to the modding scene and I have a question regarding a mod I want to make. I want to mess around with 47s default loadout, I’ve seen mods that can put extra items there alongside the camera, and I want to know how to do so myself. Any help or tips would be appreciated.

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Small massage: mod still in the working, for the moment i adding hidden NPC’s. Master difficult still i am don’t working on it yet. But maybe in the Future i will add this. Also, have issue in peacock plugin, seems need re-work this.

Do you have QN and rpkg tool?

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Hello, Im trying to find the prim files related to a specific crowd npc from Paris (fake npc) in rpkg, but I honestly have no idea how to search for it without exporting all prim files and opening them one by one. Does anybody know how fake npcs are categorized or called in the game files? Thank you

You can check the dependencies for the 00C1AEA229D40994,[assembly:/_pro/scenes/missions/paris/crowd.brick].pc_entitytype brick

You’ll be able to find TEMP hashes and if you check the dependencies for one of them you’ll find the PRIMs that make up that specific outfit

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This just two new npc…just adding another like this…


If you are referring to the rpkg tool used for suit replacement mods then yes, I’ve got it and used it before. I do however not know what you mean by QN.

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I have it now, but I am VERY confused about how to use QN

Thank you very much, that saves a lot of time

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QN need use for editing TEMP files

I’ve found the item I want to put into the default loadout, and I’ve got it in QN, now where do I find the file for what is in the default loadout?