HITMAN 3 - Modding Thread

00D347CBA29EE6BA this file need you for eding

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Thanks! I am looking through it, but I can’t seem to find the default loadout section.

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I’m not sure if you’re actually trying to use QuickEntity for this, but I would definitely recommend Quick Entity Editor (QNE) instead. Much easier to use for this.

So, you’re making a Mod that adds NPCs? I once had a similar idea, in particular as an addon to me REi Mods for even more NPC Models.

Are you interested in working on one together? (Dubai was my first idea as I already had a few ideas where NPCs would be a good idea.


Yeah, i am interesting working on one together, also this new npc, this just npc civilain from dubai, just in deferent outfits variations


Great. Yeah, I know these Models, the second one is even unused in the Main Game.


The Great Big Localisation Revamp: Update 1.1.97 (Pushed via the autoupdater, will upload it to Nexus tomorrow): Fixed horribly implemented line breaks found in various Hokkaido medical journals, thank you IWILLCRAFT for sending this in to me!. This fix has been applied to ALL languages!



I have also adjusted the English text of Riepers’ journal to make a little more sense, though this has NOT been done for every language (sorry).


Cool, let’s to go on Discors or where you comfortable talk


I was going to release Miami Reimagined Last Week, so my PC died. Anyway, everything restored now fortunatly and thanks to @BlooperReel betatesting the Mod for me, I’m certain this won’t be another Ambrose (Not to mention modding this Map went alot smoother then Ambrose in general)

Not a Poll for the next Map this time as I will take a break from Reimagind for a while as creating this Mods ca be as exhausting as it is fun at times and I don’t want the first one to overweight. I may work on another Mod with @Dinozafr for New NPCs though.


Gameplay of mission Choose side: Paris. I made some location changes after recording of video, so you this changes in the release. Good view!


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The Great Big Localisation Revamp: Update 1.2.2: Added New Name for the Trendy Tourist Suit (Traveller and Tourist Suit), modified the “Subject 47” suits’ description, and fixed MORE line break malformities in the H2 DLC briefings. Will be pushed via the auto-updater in a moment:

(Seriously IOI, pls fix this).

EDIT: Update 1.2.25:
Changed the descriptions of the “Dagger! Dagger!” and “Patient 47” challenges to be more consistent with other challenges in WoA (Sniper Assassin/ SA/SO etc). Adjusted the APC turret text to read “Requires Password to Activate”, which is a little less clunky, and a bit easier to read in-game.