HITMAN 3 - Modding Thread

Hey guys, I’ve been lurking on this thread for a bit and I have questions : how much work would it be to add the glasses from agent 17’s suit to every outfit in the game ? And how should I go about it ? From what I’ve got I should add or replace .temp and .tblu files on every outfit, which sounds like a very very long endeavour. Saw a mod that added an eyepatch to every outfit but it didn’t have any .tblu or .temp so I assume the guy altered 47’s face model directly to add the eyepatch, so wondering if maybe it would be easier to do it that way.

You would probably want to edit 47’s head rather than individual outfits, yes. I think there are several heads 47 uses, but not nearly as many as outfits.

This guide should be useful for understanding how outfit modding works, I assume it’s fairly similar for editing heads: Patching Suits With New Parts | glaciermodding.org

For the heads used on outfits from 2016, you’ll probably need to use a pair of sunglasses from a 2016 outfit. I’m pretty sure the Sapienza delivery man uses the same sunglasses (which were later converted by IO to use on the H2+ outfits)

Thank you, looking into it !

edit : and let’s say I want to edit 47’s head model, how should I do it ? I assume with the Blender add-on, but knowing I have absolutely 0 experience with blender or 3D modeling, is it feasable ?

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Santa Fortuna is nearing it’s completion.
Submarine Crew

Druglab Workers

Close Ups and Field Workers

Also, regarding the Poll I put up regarding the next Reimagined Location, I collected all NPC Doubles on Haven Island and aside from the Guards, theres really not much for me to do here. I will still do something to it later down the line, so I would like to first focus on Locations that need it alot more.

Therefore the next location will be Mumbai and after that Isle of Sgail as despite being the least voted in the Poll, it’s also by far the one that has it the most necessary. Just with one NPC Group I got more Models then all Civillians and Workers on Haven combined. Also here a few Sheets.

Haven Civillains

Isle of Sgail Civillians, JUST TIER 1 AND 2


AI Sight Modifications

Provides multiple options for adjusting the vision of NPCs and Cameras, including disabling them outright. Future versions may include more variations and customization options.

Plus, a smaller mod, but a particularly useful one for people who use suit mods that replace the Signature Suit:

This is a global fix to a problem where mods that change the Signature Suit to a different suit would cause the opening cutscene of Untouchable to crash. This fix should (hopefully) fix ALL Signature Suit swap mods, and since they are quite prevalent, I hope this fix can be of use to some people.

And yes, the fix also means that you will be able to see your character in the opening cutscenes of Untouchable as well. :slight_smile:


Correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t hawkes bay also have the doubled ai sight that haven has I could have sworn I saw multiple people complaining about it when hitman 2 came out I may be wrong though

Better Starting Locations 1.1 - Fixes and Agency Pickups

So… I hadn’t really touched this mod in a year. The game changed, SMF changed, it needed to be updated


  • No longer crashes Dartmoor Garden Show
  • Compatible with Freelancer Variations
  • Fixes bonus starting location not showing in contracts mode version of World of Tomorrow
  • Enables more Agency Pickups on bonus missions
  • Mod no longer affects Berlin, which IO unrestricted in a game update

Santa Fortuna Reimagined is out. I decided to also change up the Thumbnail now as it gives a better insight in the fact that I added new content.

Also, despite my intial thoughts regarding the next location, I changed my mind as despite Haven Island not having too much to do, it is a welcome change of pace after doing Santa Fortuna and Miami back to back.

So, the schedule now is:

  1. Haven Island
  2. Isle of Sgail
  3. Mumbai (or I put up a new Poll, idk yet)

Anyway, hope you enjoy SF REi.


The Signature Suit Fix for Untouchable has been updated to 1.1.0.

It now supports all cutscenes in Untouchable, previously, they did not work.

Unfortunately you will have to manually redownload the fix but after this you shouldn’t have to, as 1.1.0 now has auto-updating support as well.


One word: HITMODS…

One day…one day… 20 characters

Time of Day Mod 2.1 - Sgail Fix and FV ToDs


  • Fixes daytime Sgail crashing
  • Updates Night Mumbai to match FV version (Street Lamps added to one area)
  • Adds midday AHBOS + Romania, Night Santa Fortuna

Auto-updates are enabled for this mod, but here’s the Nexus link anyway

… Aaaaand I just realised I forgot to add Midday NY. Oh well.


Haven Island Reimagined. Won’t do Group Pictures as there will be barely any models to begin with outside of the Guards, so back to single NPC Shots for this one.


I wonder if anyone knows an answer to this, but with a mod where I can modify say weapon damage attributes, if a weapon gets added in a mod that exists in the game files (but not, at least to date, in the game itself), would those attributes apply to the weapon added in a mod?

Male and Female EntCelebs are completed, only thing missing now are Guards. I also took the last 2 Pictures with the Thunder Storm active, not that it really matters, but I will always love that feature, so I included it.


Finished The Resort Security


Is there a way to change the WWES files? There is a desire to localize some of the voices into my native language

anyone know mod of mixtape 47 songs like in Hitman 2016 before they did the change and destroyed the songs in Hitman 3?:jack_o_lantern:

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Haven Island Reimagined is finished.

Below are a few Pictures of some New Villa Guards, aswell as some Pictures of Models that didn’t made it into the Mod.
Villa Guards

Unused Models

The next location will be the Isle of Sgail and after that I might make a Mod that combines atleast all H2 Locations up to this Point, so it’s less work to download.