HITMAN 3 - Modding Thread

Have never had the opportunity to use any of them…

WIP of a suit I’m making, based on the “A New Deal” cinematic.

Kitbashing is my new favourite thing to do; it’s simultaneously really fun (and somewhat easy-ish) to do, but also really frustrating in other ways. Namely; clipping.


I made this while doing a Trinity pack recolouring mod, and this was the mod I learned how to do kitbashing on. Safe to say, i’m pretty proud of how well it’s turned out. The only loss compared to The Weeknd’s suit is a pocket square, as I haven’t worked out how to move non-TEMP’d PRIMS’s to move reliably.

Replaces the Crimson Suit for now; will make a non-DLC suit replacement for it soon:tm:


Coming soon…The Killer comes to Hitman.

…wait, 47 killed him and took his clothes! Oh well.

Spent a solid three days on this side-project. Not going to be released until I can A: get better hands and B: do more outfits.

I am also aware that there’s a more film-accurate bucket hat, but this one looks so much funnier on 47.


Honestly. It’s a vibe. i like it, well done.


Made a simple health bar.


Legitimately really good QOL for all the Kill everyone challenges you wanna do!

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Just want to give a shoutout for the About This Mod description text that accompanies just about every single @Atampy26 mod on Nexus. Regardless of whether I want/need the mod itself, the creative writing on show is always a treat in itself.


It’s written by ChatGPT, unless I’m mistaken

Not exclusively ChatGPT as far as I know. It’s just whatever AI model he’s messing with at time of making the mod. It’s not bad for SEO.


DMP 2 is coming…



Note: I am aware of an inconsistent crashing issue. Not sure what causes it, but I will be investigating!


Mod request.

An Alternate Explosive Pen like the one from the 007 movies…

It will need to work similarly to the wristwatch from The Bank where you can set it and it will explode shortly after. Maybe make it take longer than the watch does to go off.

It should NOT be a lethal throw that will lock onto an NPC. It should be throwable like a coin. Unless you want to do the melee lock-on item switch “trick”. :smirk: Then it can explode – or act like the normal explosive pen that’s already in the game.

It should attract NPCs like a coin or duck, even if it’s been set or not.

Like the watch (I believe) you can set it while holding it. After that, the player must either drop, place, or throw it before it explodes. And of course, gtfo there!

Edit: I’ve probably requested this before. :thinking: