HITMAN 3 - Modding Thread

it is been a while everyone. Thanks @Notex for the tools. i would now work to fix my mk2 item improvise items. :slight_smile:


It’s possible to load up any map in VR mode which makes the game playable in first person view.

Subtitles are displayed on the north side of the screen.

Action prompts will also appear on the north side of the screen if you’re not looking directly at an interactable.

Because 47 is invisible, his weapons will be as well. I’m aiming a gun right now.
There’s no crosshair so you have to estimate where your shots will be.
Ammo counter and illegal warning are tied to the invisible weapon or the player’s right hand.

You can still see where you would throw your throwable item.

Some maps like Colorado (only non-tutorial map I tested actually) starts with the camera in third person view but if you move it, the camera will move towards 47’s head.
This is what the VR player looks like when the camera hasn’t reach 47’s head yet. It’s hard to see but if you look closely, you can still see 47’s body. The trespassing warning is tied to his right arm.

His weapon is fully visible when equipped if the camera hasn’t reach inside 47’s head yet.

HUD elements are much larger in VR Mode for better visibility for the VR player I’m assuming.

PIP is smaller though. Also, the guards won’t initiate a QTE fist fight when 47 is surrendering.
Am I suppose to physically punch the guard if I could?

If you look at the PIP, you can see that 47 is crouching but the camera is still from a standing view point.

Another thing to note is that some actions like crouching, vaulting and aiming gun at the ground automatically moves the camera to a certain direction as if it’s recentering, reorientating or something.
Can’t really show anything like that with a screenshot.

The only weapon that will always visibly appear is a sniper rifle. You sort of have a view model here.

Apparently, this weapon can make 47 visible while he’s crouching.
HUD elements (except prompts) are still tied to his right arm there.

So yeah, VR bricks exists in the PC version and can be loaded but it could probably function fully if the game could recognise VR headsets. I hope IOI doesn’t pull a Capcom.

I might, I just need to find the image for it.


Did you know that the Interactive Dartmoor Benchmark has destructive physics?
Though some people say that the main game does have destructive physics in this map but it doesn’t for me and my simulation quality is set to “Best”. Notice the bullet hole decals on the bookshelf and ladder?

But I can force the game to load up the brick that enables the destructive physics in “Death in the Family” mission, even with simulation quality set to “Base”.

Judging by the name of the brick “intel_8core_gecko.brick”, I’m guessing this brick should’ve been loaded up if simulation quality is set to “Best” but the JSON mission script for Dartmoor doesn’t check for simulation quality like the maps from HITMAN 2 does.
In fact, the only HITMAN III maps that have “intel_8core” simulation bricks are Dubai and Dartmoor and they’re used for benchmarking.


Has anyone seen anything about FransBouma’s camera tools for HITMAN 2 being updated for HITMAN 3?

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Some things may not work correctly but it’s better than nothing for now.
(Credits to Greenhouse for adding H3 support)


You just made my night :grin:

Berlin Test


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Yup, I had a lot of fun on it :joy:


Haha, now that’s how you do a benchmark for a game :laughing:
Better than a fly-by around the level which in some cases it’s not accurate of how good a game runs on your ol’ bucket of a PC :stuck_out_tongue:


hello everyone. so i have tried to restore my improvised mk 2 items mod. here is the link:

feel free to download and use it.
and of course, let me know if there is mk 2 or mk3 item replacement idea. please let me know, i can try to work on it.

so what included in the mod:

  1. silver baller mk 2 to gold baller (you have striker and silver baller in 1 pistol)
  2. jaeger mk2 to jaeger rude ruby with tranquillizer ammo (unfortunately, a glitch existed, instead of named rude ruby, it still took mk2 jaeger name. strange, i hope i can fix it soon)
  3. some mk2 explosive to xmas gift bomb, nitroglycerin and octane booster
  4. lockpick mk 3 to screwdriver
  5. sedative vial mk 2 to chloroform
  6. ehram covert mk 2 to bartolli gold
  7. toned down the mk 2 briefcase speed by half (it is slower now, even for 30 fps computer)
  8. piercing ammo to jaeger tuatara
    9 added initial magazine of kalmer tranquilizer from 2 to 20 (mk 2 untouched)
  9. add initial magazine of sieker from 2 to 20
  10. keycard hacker mk 2 to banana
  11. a mk 2 tool (i forgot) to jerry can
  12. broad sword now can be holstered on back (why not? dante from DMC series looks cool with sword on his back, so why not with 47?)

hey has anyone figured out how to use the NPC mod on hitman 3 yet?

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TY but i have tried that, it doesnt recognize that i have the game running when I change Hitman2 to Hitman3, if there is anything else I can do though let me know <3

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How is this accomplished?
Screenshot (91)

Edit: NVM, Found it. The setting is set when you find it.
Screenshot (92)

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That’s curious…
Okay… So, just changing hitman2.exe has no effect for me.
What does make it work is changing ALL instance of HITMAN2 to HITMAN3.
BTW, it’s in the same exact folder as Launcher.exe.

It seems the only “HITMAN2” that actually needs changing for it to work is at 77FA.


is this offline???

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Unfortunately, yeah. Offline only.

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Not all too code savvy; what exactly is stopping the game? Is it not coded to accommodate PCVR headsets (yet?) specifically?

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I don’t have access to the source code so all I could really do is make the game load up a mission with something that enables VR mode which won’t be enough for the game to recognise a VR headset.

Though apparently, someone found references to PCVR in the game’s data such as Oculus and actual grip controllers (since HITMAN VR for PSVR only uses DualShock) so I guess the game was accommodated for PCVR headsets and controllers but not enabled for the time being.

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But after doing that, now I am getting this app cant run in your pc error :pensive:

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Just use this version