HITMAN 3 - Modding Thread

Hey can you please explain this a little bit more in detail, a file called HITMAN3.EXE.BAK is created when i do this and it doesnt work so i dont get it

If you want the classic H1 title screen + music you can use this: chunk0patch1.rpkg - AnonFiles

Place it in the runtime directory. You’ll also need to edit the packagedefinition.txt file as well, you can use this site to do that: PackageDefinitions/Thumbs editor
Simply drag packagedefintion.txt onto that site and then press the “Set Patch Levels” button and then press “Save”. Your browser will download a new copy of packagedefintion.txt that you can copy into Hitman’s runtime directory replacing the one already there.

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I edited my title screen a while back. You can edit the logo and background images.

I still have the link for the documented file paths and true file names of the images in case we want to change images rather than edit them:

As for the voice lines, there’s like thousands of them and all of them are named in hexadecimals so it’s incredibly difficult to specifically find the audio files you wanted, especially voice lines.

At least it’s somewhat easy to find music files since they’re usually larger than most sound files.


Wait a minute…is that map actually in the game?

(please avoid spoilers in your answer)

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RPKG v1.02 update

  • Added the ability to specify a desired output folder using “-output_path”
  • Fixed an issue limiting importing RPKGs with under 100 hash files/resources
  • Fixed ORES extraction issue

Improvements from 1.01

  • Decreased the RPKG file import time by an order of magnitude
  • Fixed issue related to handling multiple input filters

That map background has been in the game since Hitman 2016 if I recall.


Yes i recall seeing that sort of map background in H2016. But it wasn’t incorporated as interactive as it seems to be here.

Can you please give me more details about that H3 map without spoiling please? This looks really interesting!

What map in specific?

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That one. Does it interacts with the menu? Can you click on it?

I believe that one was added in by Duckilous lol. It’s just a custom menu entry.

Amazing work! Wish it was official tho :confused:

Oh you aren’t talking about the [‘OFFLINE MISSIONS’] text? The background is official and I believe it was used in very early builds of Hitman 2016 before retail. It’s just an image, not interactable at all though.


The map background? It’s just a static image that the game still happens to have despite left unused.

Kevin_Rudd actually. It’s the same “All Missions Offline” mod for HITMAN 2.


Well it took fricking forever but I finally checked all the JSON files from chunk0.rpkg.
I documented the ones that contain information of the game’s missions. Here’s the list:

I noticed there’s no JSON files related to most previous escalations, user-created contracts, The Sarajevo Six and unused “The Brothers” mission that HITMAN 2 had. The “negroni” brick from The Brothers mission still exists according to what’s in the “packagedefinition.txt” file.

I did found some JSON scripts that contains some unique targets, code name, brick and entity not found in “packagedefinition.txt”. They’re probably just Escalations.

There’s a “Lynx” and “Grasshopper” scene in Whittleton Creek.
(00EBA9412278AA09.JSON) (0001BD081122B7EA.JSON)
And “Jaguar” and “Millipede” scene in Santa Fortuna.
(001B9AB86203E8AD.JSON) (00FF7CA2D4961BD8.JSON)

While there’s no Escalation JSON scripts containing the mission info itself, there are some scripts that contains other information such as Entrances, Exits, Agency Pickups, Actors, etc.
These Escalations’ code names are: Rafflesia, Calluna, Tumbleweed, Pansy, ArcticThyme, Torenia, Lotus, Dandelion and Hellebore. There’s also “Desert Rose” for Dubai.

Also one more interesting thing: more tutorials missions.

I know what you’re looking at.


Turns out we do have four unused mission slots.
This time they are: Polarbear_Module_002_C, Jaguar, Lynx and of course, the VR Tutorial which is selectable.

And playable-ish.

I do have a VR headset connected but of course, the game doesn’t recognise it.
But it does put the camera inside 47’s head and render him invisible which means the game sort of has first person mode. Here’s some screenshots of the VR tutorial in non-VR.

I can only move forward in this map but my bindings are still usable such as checking inventory, picking items up, interacting with objects and throwing things.
I can’t go any further in this tutorial because I’m stuck in the “Move hand into chest orb” part. If only…


RPKG v1.03 update

  • Fixed issue preventing perfect 1:1 repacking of previously unpacked RPKG files

How the hell does this work

Can you please do the same with H3 title screen by replacing III with 3?

Hi Notex i have some idea to mod this game(language mod thai lang) Hitman 3. so i try to find and looking for how to mod this game. Finaly i found you. Now i download you tool RPKG into my PC and i can’t open you’r tool i don’t know why so please you can help me ?

Thanks for your tool
(Sorry for my bad English this is why i have to mod my own language)

This is comment i looking for

It’s a command line tool. You will need to use command prompt with it. Editing the language of the game isn’t possible yet though with this tool.