Hitman 3 NPC Disguise Mod

So, I was bored on YT and saw the NPC Disguise mod from H2. I tried it, and works fine for H2 and I wanted a H3 version. I found it on nexus and downloaded it. But when I open it it says “Attempting to find GlobalOutfitKit Pointer…” over and over and doesnt work. I also tried the H2 version modified for H3 and it does the same thing. Please help!

First of all, there is a Modding Thread on the forum where you can ask questions about mods, instead of creating dosens of threads, also there you can find a possible solution for your problem, or even a link to the mod itself.
Second of all, we can’t be responsible for some third or forth party websites and can’t know how their stuff works. So you better ask questions about nexus mods on their website directly.
As far as I know they also have a forum, where you can speak to the mod creators themselves.
So give it a try


Im sorry, i couldnt find it