Hitman 3 playstyles gone

Hello fellow hitman players.

I can no longer get playstyles after a mission since today. After every mission you get a playstyle as all of you know. But since today the area where normally your playstayle is shown, for exampe “Silent Assassin”, “Skilled ICA Assassin” etc. is just empty. This happens on all maps (H1-H3) on all difficulties.

Anyone else experiencing this? I couldnt find any information via googe/reddit etc regarding this issue.

Sorry for my english, its not my main language.


Edit: I’m on PS4 Pro, digital. I allready reinstalled the game but the issue is still there :frowning: and i’m playing online mode before anyone asks.

I can test on PS4 later. What missions/maps did you play?

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Edit: sorry you said it’s on all maps. Huh.

Someone else got the bug report link?


Hello, Drak. It would seem to me that the mission results aren’t properly displayed after each of your playthoughs. Could you check the leaderboard though? Select any mission, press R1 twice to access the leaderboard page. There you should be able to select either PSN friends only or worldwide leaderboard. Select one of them to check out your score, it should display your playstyle there as well. Let us know if it properly shows. :slightly_smiling_face:

There you go. :wink: You may submit a ticket request via the official website, too.



Hey thank you for the quick replies guys! :slight_smile:

I just did what you asked and indeed my highest ever achieved rating and playstyle is shown in the leaderboards. But still after a mission the area is just empty. I also noticed that i am not in the leaderboards at all for some missions even i completed them. very strange… i also noticed the server was down earlier this day ( i checked at hitmanstat.us - the H3-servers were indeed down for about 15 minutes or so) maybe that is the issue?

also i dont want to send in a ticket/bug report yet, maybe its just a server issue. would be great if some of you could check if it happens to you as well. again, sorry for my (maybe) bad english :wink:

i will post a photo of the issue later.


Your English is almost impeccable and certainly better than that of half the troglodytes in the English-speaking world.


well this is just great… Providence is playing a game with me i guess.

i just finished “death in the family” on casual mode. played sloppy on purpose to get some kind of mid-range rating. and what can i say… the playstyle “master trap assassin” was shown… but i swear that for the last 3 or 4 hours the area under your nickname was just empty. there was nothing… not even a white empty bar or something…

so i guess it was a bad server connection or something like that - like you suggested, the game couldnt fetch the rating and show it right after the mission i assume.

also i am very new to hitman 3. just bought it a few days ago (it’s 50% off in the playstation store :slight_smile: ) i did the hitman 2 import if you wonder about the high level.

tldr: if anyone else is having this issue - don’t worry it seems to be a connection issue kinda thing :wink:

will post the screenshot anyways.

but thank you for your advises and replies!



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