Hitman 3 Progress Wiped

Hello, i just did a carry over from Hitman 2 (H2) to Hitman 3 (H3). In my H3 game i had a lot unlocked, a lot. I went back to H2 to unlock some items not available in H3. I did unlock them in H2 and did a carry over to H3. Now all the progress in H3 has beed wiped. Is there any way to get all that progress back? I really hope there’s something. Thanks

By transfer from H2 to H3 you overwrite your H3 progress. IO warned about that in their guide blogpost and I think inside the tool too.

You were supposed to do the transfer after buying H3.

I fear you can’t do much but redo everything again in H3


Is there absolutely nothing to be done?

This is how carryover work. With H2 carried, everything on H3 is wiped. Nothing could make up for it.


Here is the notice again:

If you have already started playing HITMAN 3 and THEN choose to perform the progression carryover process, you will lose all progression earned within HITMAN 3 up to that point. We recommend you carryover progress before starting HITMAN 3.

And on the carryover site:

If you have already started playing and earned some progression in HITMAN 3, and THEN choose to perform the progression carryover process, you will lose all progression earned within HITMAN 3.



Piggybacking on this, would any of my locations be imported over if I choose to carryover? Would I still be stuck with the 6 Hitman 3 locations, or can I get the previous levels?

Carryover has nothing to do with locations and stuff.
Carryover affects only your progress, unlocks, achievements.
And I need to mention that carryover works only from HITMAN 2 game.
If you have merged HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2 in the past, all your progress will be carried over.
It’s just you can’t carryover progress from HITMAN 2016 game.

As for locations import, we have a special separate process that allows you to do that.
All info on that can be found in a special thread:


Even tho it’s progress from H1 and H2? I haven’t got to H3 content yet

It is now your H3 progress. Everything in H3 is “H3 content” progress wise. And it got overwritten with what originally was H2 progress.

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Okay, thank you for the help

Hitman 3 keeps crashing after the carryover, I can’t even get in after pressing the “play” button.

If I uninstall Hitman 3 and install it again, will I keep all the levels?

You mean H3 levels, or the the ones in H1 and H2?

All of them. It’s frustrating, one moment I had all the levels, now I have none. There’s a serious bug with the carryover.

Did you re-download the maps from the Store section?

Your game won’t go anywhere until the server collapses or you request your data wipe through a special website