HITMAN 3: Seven Deadly Sins (NEW DLC)

This is a very good way of thinking.

I know I’ll buy it either way because I need to fill the hole in my heart with something.


Lol, I’ll probably be doing the same. I love me some escalations, especially those of Deluxe quality.


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appropriate that they started with season of greed, because that’s what this is. greedy as all hell. Renaming deluxe escalations and charging more should have never happened


It’s included in the Seven Deadly Sins Collection, they can also be purchased individually.

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That looks surprisingly good !!!
However,I am not sure I am ready to pay for more already.I wish this expansion will be free for every Agent or available as part of our already owned and kinda overpriced Deluxe Pack.
Oh who am I kiddin.Of course I will buy it all at once no matter the price :stuck_out_tongue: Let’s hope GREED will not be literally representative of the DLC price tag.Forgive me Agents for I have sinned :smiley:

I agree to pay for a new map or two, an airport or a ski resort but certainly not for escalation contracts or specific contracts sorry IOI


Okay, the use of

visually distinct contracts

In the blog post definitely makes me think there’ll be some unique visual alterations to each escalation. Neat.


I’m waiting for further details. Deluxe Escalations while they have a better quality to them unlike the normal ones. This is being labeled as a expansion and I don’t consider Escalations as a form of expansion.

If they go about and announce that we are getting some new level variants too along the way it will be 100% worth my money. I’m gonna hold my breath on this one.


So they seem to be more like deluxe escalations. Not a “expansion” in any way and the fact that this isn’t included in the Deluxe pack despite said Deluxe pack being more expensive than Hitman 2’s expansion pass that added two entirely new locations is a bit disappointing , to say the least. Oof.


@Bourbon waiting for the Lust season like…


Really looking forward to this but I’m kinda pissed that this will be a separate purchase. Seems kinda greedy, you know, after paying for the deluxe edition.


Is anyone else slightly disappointed with the fact that it seems like we won’t be getting any remade alternative maps like The Author or the Patient Zero campaign? I like the idea of new escalations, but they aren’t exactly the same as an entirely remixed map. I also feel a little disappointed that this is an additional cost on top of the deluxe edition price tag.


If this ends up just being what the DLC is that they teased they’d be ‘remixing’, yes it would be kinda disappointing.
Bamboozled again!

Still crossing my fingers for something else regardless.

In the blog post, there’s also this:

You don’t need to buy the full expansion on March 30 if you don’t want to. They’ll also be selling these individually.

To enjoy the new HITMAN 3: Seven Deadly Sins expansion, players can purchase each content pack individually. Alternatively, all seven content packs can be purchased together as part of the Seven Deadly Sins Collection , which gives players access to all seven content packs as they are released over time at a reduced price compared to purchasing each pack individually.


So what are the unlocks here? To me it seems: A new suit, a goldballer, and a new set of coins.

Excited? Yes. Yes I am.

Awesome news! Slightly confused myself but all will become clear I’m sure, the way I interpret it is as follows;

  • New purchasable expansion pass

  • Spread over 7 DLC’s each lasting 4-6 weeks

  • 1 escalation each with its own unlockable suit & items.

  • Monthly content remaining as normal and this is in addition

  • HH & snow festival returning

  • hitman 3 ET’s confirmed!

Happy Wednesday!!! :sweat_smile:


Based on everything I’ve read in their announcement page (HITMAN 3: Seven Deadly Sins - IO Interactive), it does look like it’s definitely a separate purchase to the Deluxe Edition - It doesn’t appear on the stores so not sure on the price, etc, likely it’ll be uploaded and live closer to the release date.

I wonder if it’ll be priced similarly to an access pass or a DLC like in the past? I did expect they’d be included in the Deluxe Pack, but I do recall they had new maps as an extra purchase at one time too.

Well, definetly I’m glad I saved my money until now and didn’t get the Deluxe stuff. This seems will be a whole lot more of themed Escalations with some reskins as rewars but so far is more interesting. Also, that trailer music is banger, as always.


I’m genuinely excited to see the Lust rewards. I feel there might be a comeback to The Meat King’s Party and the BDSM themed outfits. At very least a S&M mask with a fancy suit.

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No. The “Seasons of Sin” are simply renamed roadmaps.