HITMAN 3 - Something wrong with server

Hello. I’m a student in China. I like 47 so I bought all new HITMAN series. One day, I was doing Slient Assassin,suit only in DUBAI. I disconnected and I tried to reconnect to the server. In that time I was thinking it’s something wrong with server. In the next day I tried using some tools like vpn to connect it. But it still can’t connect to it. Next that time, I borrowed another account but it can connect to it. So I think there is something wrong of my information in the server.My name in the server is “老王在there”. Please solve the question otherwise I can’t play online mode in all the time…My English isn’t very good. I’m sorry.


It’s everyone my friend not just you. But if you ask IOI the issue is too many people lol


But all my friends didn’t have the question… My luck is too bad?

Its a common issue right now…and IOI is seemingly not able to fix it soon let alone keep us updated properly

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Just know that IOI is aware of the issue but hopes you’ve been enjoying the first weekend of Hitman 3 anyway lol


If it makes you feel better, it does seem to be totally random.

People are reporting the same as you also, same machine, 2 different accounts, one works, one doesn’t.

Ignore M83, IOI is having problems with their servers right now, they’re being clogged with the unexpected influx of players from hitman 3, it’s a problem on their end. Just wait and they should fix it.

No, at this point it’s completely random, some people have issues, others don’t. There seems to be nothing connecting people with or without the problem.

M83 is perfectly right to be sarcastic.

Also: “unexpected influx” yeah right…nothing of this should be unexpected. They just did not prepare it right. Period.


Thanks for answering the question of this thread,

M83 is not in the right to whine on some help thread, it’s frustrating to the person asking for help and is just confusing in the first place.

They prepared it, you’re just incapable of realising that they were not expecting this amount of players/sales. If you’re too immature to wait for the problem to be fixed or you’re just gonna whine on the forums, refund the game: it’s a simple solution :smiley:

Funny how some people defend any inexcusable bs their favorite developers do. Really funny. And no …frustrating is only IOIs mismanagemnet of this whole launch process. And they will get lots of bad press for this rest assured.


I don’t think it is inexcusable for things to happen on release you could not foresee.

It is also all less an issue for this forum if people were able to express themselves in a less hostile and threatening (in some cases) way.

So its unforeseeable that this whole completely unnecessarily complicated carry over process combined with their always online bs and everything that already should have been learnt through the mountain of problems surrounding those things already in the last two installments would result in a catastrophic launch? I dont think so.

Its just that some people here don’t care and therefore this behaviour of releasing games that are simply not ready, which is nowadays very widespread in the gaming industry (see Cyberpunk 2077 for recent example) will continue ON and ON because people like you defend everything and they never feel consequences. If this game wasn’t as good as it is thankfully underneath the bugs and problems this woud be even more disastrous to their next project.


After 3 Days of having the issue still no solution?..This is a joke. I paid money for a service I don’t get. Ridiculous !


I have been in situations where as a part of a large Corporation we are basically “walking into a Sarlac Pit” and one enumerates the 101 things that can go wrong.

But there’s usually other things the boss or the Corporation want so they say: “Your concerns are noted. That would be very bad indeed IF all 101 things happen. In the meantime you should stick to the plan!”

I am sure there’s certain things tied to this upgraded IOI account they were hoping to do alongside the 125 SKU HITMAN 3 launch, progress carryover across 100+ SKU’s of content… and well… they have to deal with it now.

I can definitely see an angle here where a lot of dominoes are tipping over when they try to deal with this issue.

It’s possible for example that logins work… but only if they wipe all progress carryover or other some such and it’s a choice between “Announce a compromise” or “We give ourselves one more day to get this up 100%”.

In the event of a compromise where Carryover is abandoned they would have to address the issue of H2 items whose escalations and unlock paths simply do not exist in H3 and would have to be also patched in at the event of a compromise.

Even the idea of disabling online demands they create a patch that basically re-addresses how all 125 SKU’s are resolved.

So it’s basically a full plate.

Thanks for everybody. My English isn’t very good but you let me know all of these. :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

All facts! I find all the defending here very funny.
“Just wait and go do something else” someone told me…
Like seriously.

Sorry but I see that a bit different. If I buy me a brand new car and the brand new Model I expect that it works and I can drive it and not sitting in my garage with a Software problem. Its no been 5 days after release and they still didn’t find any solution for fixing the problem. So I pay for a service that I don’t get and then on top of it they say have fun on the first weekend with H3…Ridiculous!!!

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Yes, seriously. There’s more to life than a video game.

Considering how many people are under a stay at home order at the moment…
I think a new video game is a lot of people’s life at the moment. You only have to look at Animal Crossing to see that.

It also explains why many people are so angry and disappointed at the moment - it was one of the few things people had to look forward to.

And I think for people to then minimise their feelings and tell them to do something else is insensitive.


Hardly comparable. People need a functioning car to do a wide range of things. A better analogy would be to complain about a broken CD player.