Hitman 3 storyline discussion (spoilers)

Sooo what do you guys think about how the storyline ended? Are you satisfied with the ending or wanted it to end in another way? I would love to know your opinions and what you feel about the whole storyline in general!

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I don’t like it. I think from the three games of the trilogy it’s the worst story. It feels rushed, some things don’t make sense and what I really don’t like is that they just reheated cold coffee. I will write down my opinion but I blurr it, because there are some major spoilers! And it is just my opinion, I don’t want to change anyone’s opinion here. Just writing down my two cents :relaxed:

  1. Lucas Grey. Everyone here knows that I’m probably the biggest fan of him in the forum and I don’t make a secret out of it :sweat_smile: so I was really disappointed seeing him shooting himself. I’m not disappointed that he died, I kinda expected it. But not like this, it felt out of character and it was way too early.

  2. The constant. Yeah who was that again? In the last two games he was intimidating, but here felt like some random guy who’s pulling some strings and some of his actions weren’t comprehensible.

  3. Diana and 47. I really loved the scenes in Mendoza, that tango gave me goosebumps. But in the end, it was just reheated coffee. It was the same narrative like in Blood Money and Absolution and that annoys me way more than Greys death. BM and Absolution are the worst Hitman games IMO. As if everyone thought Diana would betray 47 this time, oh come on! Nothing better has occurred to you? The story was all about 47 getting his memories back, shutting the ICA and providence down, becoming his own decision maker- and in the end he stays with her like nothing happened.

I see that many people here are happy with the outcome, especially fans of the classics, because IOI just pulled the button back to normal. But on a narrative point of view it was bad written: boring, predictable and nothing new.

I think there would have been better ways to tell the story without changing that much. And with a happy ending, where 47 and Diana are still there, but not as an ally. But with the option to be that again in future games, so here is an idea I had that would have been better IMO:

After Dartmoor, Grey has been captured. 47 is in contact with Olivia, he eliminates the Agents in Berlin and he finds Olivia. You go to Chongquing, than to Mendoza. After 47 wakes up on that train in the mountains, he finds his brother there with him. They are healing him from the shots he got in that wood and they are planning to wipe away his memories, just like with 47. So 47 runs to the end of the train, killing the constant, stopping the train. And here I would have love to have a better plot twist. 47 killed Diana’s parents. I think it would have been nice if she was helping him one last time, one last favour, to shut providence down. So the organisation which was responsible for her parents death and for everything that happened to Grey and 47 would finally be destroyed. But forgiving is hard, and so they would split up (in a good way. In a “Ihope you are well, but I can’t work with you anymore”-way). Grey would leave with Olivia, where he can finally put the past to rest. And finally 47 is by himself. He is his own decision maker.

With a story like that, there would have been a plot twist, but with the option to have everything like it was before (47 working with Diana) in future games. But at least it would have been a twist and something different and not that bullshit we have seen several times before.

And putting my hatred for the story aside when it comes to level design, music, sound and gameplay for me it is the best game of the trilogy. Much much much love for the locations! I will just ignore the story and play it because of those wonderful levels :heart:


I guess we can talk freely about spoiler-y stuff without having to use spoiler tags in a thread created to discuss the story, right? Might be worth editing the thread title to include a “(spoilers)” note just to be extra sure?

As for the story itself, I was really happy with how it played out. With apologies to @Mini, but IMO there was no way that Grey could or should have survived the game unless they had made him into an antagonist character: you can’t have a near-equal of 47 who is supposed to be a bad-ass operative with “impossible skills” but who - in a single player game like Hitman - is required to sit around doing nothing while 47 actually does all the work in a mission. The fiction of his character is too powerful to be anything other than either an alternate protagonist or a boss-baddie, so he had to go. And I think that his exit was handled as well as it could have been given that requirement.

Was dreading that we’d see 47 and Diana genuinely turn on each other and we’d see Diana get killed, and was delighted to see that that didn’t happen. The ending of the Mendoza level for my first playthrough - where I saved Diana from being executed by Yates after being turned on in the meeting of the Providence Heralds, with 47 and Diana both getting their hands dirty as they team up to take Yates and his guard down in his office, followed by that amazing tango moment where they de-brief the mission - is my favourite ever moment in the series. It felt unbelievably cinematic and I couldn’t have been happier with it.

I’m also cool with the return of the “Diana pretends to betray 47 to get him close to the final target” beat from Blood Money. Prior to the WoA trilogy Blood Money was my favourite game, and personally - and I know others feel differently about this - I’m not especially married to the canon of the Hitman franchise. If anything, I kinda view the WoA as a re-master of what the earlier Hitman games should have been, and if they end up repeating elements of those previous games in a more accomplished and satisfying way then I’m happy for this final plot twist to sort of ‘overwrite’ the canon of Blood Money and claim this story moment as its own. Like I say, I know I’m probably in the minority in that view, but personally that’s how it works for me.


I agree with you about so many points here that you mentioned. Yes, i felt the same way, the story seriously seems rushed and i guess hurriedly done? I don’t know why exactly, but i felt kind of disappointed when i watched all the cutscenes. Maybe i was expecting it to be a bit more, more detailed and precise in a sense? (It was, don’t get me wrong, but i wanted it to be a bit more i guess) when i finished i was honestly like, “wait, isn’t it the storyline we have been discussing and seen people predicting on the hitman forum?” It felt predictable. However, the part i liked as you mentioned rightly, the tango dance and 47’s and Diana bonding. It felt satisfactory to see how well they both trust each other and care for each other in thier own way. There were some moments when i actual started shipping them lol! I enjoyed that part. Overall, the story should have been a bit more better, but i guess i am fine with how it ended. Not the best ending, but not the worst either, to say the atleast.

Grey had to die, and i don’t mind him dying the way he did, but i understand why you feel that way.

Also, uhhh why was constant acting, i don’t know how to describe it, dumb in the end? I mean he didn’t even tried lol

Nevertheless, the story was fine.


I mean it is obvious enough, the thread title says, storyline discussion so obviously it implies that we are going to discuss the storyline.


The levels (and other things excluding the storyline) are love❤️ i am far more from just saying impressed, it’s so much more than that

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Okay I will cut out my spoiler tags than :relaxed:


Pretty sure the idea was that after decades of living in shadows, dealing with incredibly dangerous people and making incredibly powerful enemies on behalf of the Partners he’d made his peace with death and so decided that either 47 would consider his offer or he’d die, thus was incredibly unconcerned and didn’t see a point to making any futile attempts to defend himself.

As Diana says, his weakness was he always had to “win” so he was trying to spin the situation into a win for him that would make him feel like he’d outsmarted 47 in the end.


Is there a way to play again the part of the “dream of 47”, that when he kills Diana’s parents and meets his victims? I tried, but I find only the final cutscene of Argentina mission and then the final mission

I really, really hoped that once I killed Alexa, the game would take a turn. In the briefing, Diana says that Grey created a scrambler outside to make it impossible for the manor to call for backup. As soon as I killed Alexa, coms went off, and I seriously thought that I just walked into a trap and that Grey is the bad guy. That walk outside the manor, this in mind, my heart raced, was really really excited. Then he called and said its an ambush, then his death. Its not bad, but my “own version” of what I thought just happend was so, so much cooler. :smiley: I thought about him siding with the constant after all, especially since Grey always wielded power. After so many talks about “when you offer someone power” from the constant.

But what confuses me a bit, is the end. In the end of HItman 3, the actions of our freedom team left a world with a very, very big vaccume of power. And I am sure it wont take long until a new “providence” steps in. Is that what they wanted?

Start the last mission and pick the “reflection” starting location.

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I believe the idea is that with the Constant out of the way, Diana will inherit the keys to the kingdom and as part of dismantling Providence will redistribute power so as to prevent anyone from stockpiling it in the same manner again, or at least that particular power - thus creating a more even playing field rather than the vacuum that would have occurred if they left the organization headless.


I’m pretty sure they were going to do that, until Grey shot himself, which I honestly can understand. He already stated in Hitman 2 that he ran away from Providence his whole life and now he has the choice of becoming there tool yet again or die.

Youre right, and I was really happy about that. Usually, stories like this often end with an end where “the evils are out of the way, now the people have the freedom of choice again” but thats not how it works. Wildlands pretty much nailed that, with the Drug lord out of the way, they just paved the way for a new one to take over, splinter cells to take over.

But the flaw in Hitman 3 I see is presented in the awesome, and incredible fifth mission. Nobody likes Diana. They even tried to kill her right off. Would she even be able to stand in that position, with the constant killed? There is noone “backing off that decision”. In Mendoza, we can hear people discussing that even if they dont like Diana, they accept it because Edwards does want her. Now with him gone, alot of remaining providence assets wont follow her lead, probably just voting another constant I guess. Especially since even the partners are killed, their children and heirs can continue their legacy and make new deals with the remaining providence assets.

But, I have to admit, now that the world is filled with news about providence, Im sure it will be alot harder for them to even maintain their influence.

No one liked Edwards but they all did what he commanded because he had leverage and a plan.

With Yates and Edwards gone, not only is Diana the person who has all the leverage but she’s also shown them conclusively that crossing her is consistently a fatal mistake. If you hang around in the party at the winery, you’ll get to overhear lots of conversations with Providence members that basically confirm they’re all falling into line for Edwards because they he represents ongoing prosperity if they do and fatal punishment if they don’t.

Most of them never had a direct line to The Constant (let alone the Partners) and they relied upon the Heralds (who are all now, rightfully scared shitless of Diana) to guide them.


A thing that could have been nice, was adding a little mission, after Dartmoore Manor, where 47 must fight against soldiers hunting Grey and go to him, just to watch him dying. A little mission without score, just to make that part more beautiful. A mission before the cutscene


I quite liked the story. As far as Hitman plots go, the whole trilogy is in the stronger half of the games. With that said, Blood Money felt far more refined because of the past/present alternations with Rick and Alexander talking before the funeral, but I don’t mind them rehashing some of the plot beats because BM was 14 years ago. The train ending was pretty cool and, although it wasn’t a sandbox, I am happy that they stayed true to the tradition of a shootout for the finale. Lucas’s death was kinda eh, I mean, I suppose I saw it coming but it did feel a bit clumsily done. I agree that he could’ve been in the final mission and him and 47 sneak through the train (or shoot depending on the player’s actions) together, but AI wise that would’ve been complicated. Also, I don’t really get why 47 was there when Lucas died, because I thought he was in Dartmoor when he was getting shot but then suddenly he was dressed as a Cicada man. Whatever.

As far as a hitman story goes, and I am talking for the whole trilogy, the plot was strong. As far as a stand-alone story goes, it was a bit clunky.


Yes, that part could have been more intensive, but in that way is meaningless. And it’s bad, because Grey isn’t a secondary character in the story. He’s death can’t be so meaningless


When lucas died i was like “wait! Did he actually just died!!?” :joy:

Surely wasn’t expecting him to die like that

But it’s fine, i don’t mind much

We needed just a little mission where we had to try to save him, failing


Defo, a five mastery, 1 target plus 1 objective level (kind of like saving the girl in Meat King’s Party) to compensate for how small Romania was

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