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so in freelance, NPC behaviour differs majorly from regular game mode in a way that if I commit a crime in an area, some NPCs in a completely different area may suddenly become witnesses as I pass by, like if armed NPCs see me in a crime scene they might come witnesses or if I’m hunted they might become witnesses. Only these NPCs are in a different area and have not witnessed a crime and are in no way related to the crime. This has resulted in multiple irritating deaths.

PC, Digital
occurs somewhat often

steps to reproduce:

  1. commit a crime like killing or similar as any guard.
  2. run to an area with NPCs.
    (if you’ve previously committed crimes and have been searched, compromised or hunted, but have cleared that status it improves the chances of that happening. If you are being searched in a different area than the crime you commit while reproducing the bug also increases the chances)

I keep getting the message to buy the full game despite owning everything but the woa edition. It only started today and nothing is working.

When I check the Xbox store it says I own everything and I am playing on my home Xbox also whenever I press a on get access it takes me to the woa edition which I don’t need to buy as I already have Hitman 1,2,3 and all dlcs.

Update: It seems to have resolved itself now as everything is working correctly.

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The old “You do not own anything” has hit me again. Xbox Series S. I hope it will magically correct itself (maybe in a day’s time like it has in the past), but I really wish there was something I could do about this.
I’ve tried the usual: force quitting the game, disconnecting from xbox network, disconnecting network connections, rebooting. Just stuck in Hitman purgatory…

[edit] sure enough, trying again the next day just worked. Both times I’ve had this, the fix has been to just wait it out for me.


I had this annoying problem as well.

What seems to work for me consistently now is this:

Let the game wait a minute or two in the title screen before you press A to log in with your profile.


Platform: Xbox One Digital

Description : When I launch Hitman 3, I was forced to watch the briefings for all the missions again like I’m a new player. Thankfully however my save was not wiped but it was still somewhat scary to see as I thought I did lose everything. This may have happened because I got a message saying that Hitman 3 is syncing with my cloud save but this didn’t happen to the other times when that message popped up so that was pretty weird to see.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch Hitman 3
  2. Have the messege saying that Hitman 3 is syncing up with your cloud save. (this could be kinda rare to come by but it happens)
  3. Select any mission with a briefing and you’ll be forced to watch the briefing again

Frequency : This only happened to me once which is today when I write this.

I play on xbox one. I have not been able to pick up the fuse in the freelancer garage. I have restart, un installed and reinstalled the game twice. Even after todays patch it does not allow me to pick it up. It highlights when I press instinct. I walkt to it. I NEVER get a prompt to pick it up. VERY, VERY FRUSTRATING.


I started Prestige level 1 (PC Epic) and all my items were removed. Graphically however it looks like the Collector’s coin and lockpick are still in their wall mounts.

I didn’t notice it right away (I assume it was either restarting the game or playing one mission after starting the Prestige level) but later I was in fact able to pick up these items and take them on a mission although I did not buy them or get them from a crate!

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In Ambrose Island, one of the potential freelancer targets stands right in front of a cannon. Firing this cannon while they are standing there doesn’t kill them, and this caused me to lose a hardcore campaign more than halfway through :rage:


I play on xbox. I can not pick up the fuse in the freelancer garage. I can interact and pick up everything but the fuse. It highlights on instinct but, when I go up to it NO prompt apears for me to interact with it. I uninstalled my game and reinstalled a month ago. I just did that again today sense the patch didnt fix the issue. IM VERY VERY Frustrated. Im on level 90. I have NEVER been able to pick up the fuse. PLEASE HELP.


Please fix this it happens all the time…

Platform: PC (Steam)
Description: When you do anything (load a level, eliminate someone, etc) the game crashes to desktop. The screenshot shows up in Event Viewer.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Do anything
  2. Crash to desktop

Frequency: Whenever the game feels like it

This bug has been in the game since launch. Fix it for fuck sake.


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Platform: PC, Epic games
Description : problem with NPC texture. NPC eyebrows go beyond points
Name NPC: Evodio Minnella.
NPC ID: 93541e27-d4ed-429b-b618-7a9fe4d33554

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Do you launch with hitman some another application?

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Its on Epic Games… So I guess, yes.

Platform: PC, Epic Games
Description: Main Menu that says “Press Enter to play” does nothing at all when pressing any button. The text also doesn’t flash like it usually does and I can’t enter the game. I’ve tried uninstalling, verifying, using a different keyboard, and using a controller none of which work. I have no mods and it’s a completely fresh install
Steps to reproduce: Literally no clue It just stopped working randomly
Frequency: Always

Im trying to complete the last featured contract in Chongqing but the game eventually crashes. I start as facility analyst, kill the first dude with the screwdriver, then it usually crashes when I get in the street. Not sure if it crashes with other modes cause I dont use play this map. I updated the Nvidia drivers with a clean install, verified integrity of files in steam and set all graphic settings to minimum in Hitman, but it keeps crashing.

Platform: PC Digital (Epic Games)

Description : When trying to launch Freelancer, I receive an error and then I am disconnected from the Hitman servers. I then need to “Go Online” again, but the issue keeps on repeating.

I am unable to launch Freelancer.

Other game modes (ie: normal campaign) work fine.

Freelancer was completely fine until last night when it crashed. Since then, I cannot relaunch.

I have re-installed the game, no help.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Try to launch Freelancer
  2. Observe Error

Frequency : ALWAYS

“can’t connect to hitman service, failed to authorrize your account with the hitman server”

got this after the update, help?

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Just had this myself (Steam, UK). I was able to boot the game successfully in Online mode today after the patch and play the new Sarajevo Six DLC so it’s presumably a current problem with the servers rather than a permanent problem with the patch.

Still sucks though!

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Platform: PS5

Location: All Hitman 3 Locations

Description: “SAVING” is stuck on the screen on every Hitman 3 map. This is a PS5 exclusive bug that has been in the game for over 2,5 years now and never been acknowledged. Never been mentioned in the known issues

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game on PS5
  2. Load up any Hitman 3 mission
  3. Saving forever

Frequency: Always

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