HITMAN 3 - Technical Support

Platform: [PC - Epic Games]

Description : I have purchased The Sarajevo Six DLC. I have 100%d this DLC. It works fine in ONLINE MODE. In offline mode, it just says Get Access in the Campaigns page and that I need to buy the DLC. The store tab says I have purchased the DLC. Epic Games says I have purchased AND INSTALLED the DLC. I have verified my install twice, reinstalled once, removed all my mods many times. Nothing fixes the issue.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Purchase the Sarajevo Six DLC
  2. Go offline

Frequency : (Always)

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Platform: PC - Steam, Digital. Latest version (3.160)

Description : “Featured Contract Challenge” for Track 1 (the “Hitman” [2016] and “Hitman 2” [2018] maps) reset to zero for Tier 6 and higher although I have completed 25 contracts (Tier 5 and lower show as completed).

Steps to reproduce: Not certain. I thought if I completed a contract or two after patch 3.150 and 3.160, the tally would increment from 25, but it simply increments from 1.
I’ve re-started the game, played on different days after turning off computer between those days, and I’ve played contracts on both Update 3.150 and Update 3.160.

(I’ve read two posts @ HMF that inquired about this issue in 2021, but I have not found any replies or acknowledgements from IO so re-directing me to the relevant post would be greatly appreciated if this bug has been addressed. Most posts regarding Featured Contracts appear to be related to rewards not unlocking; I’ve had this problem as well, but fortunately in my case, the rewards seem to suffer only a delay (playing another mission / contract or sometimes exiting the game then starting a new session) rather than no reward at all.

Frequency : It’s happened on the 3 contracts I’ve completed so far (so cumulative total ought to be 28, not 3).

Screenshot of progress for Tier 6 showing 3/30 rather than 28/30; added yellow circle for clarity

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So… After months that i had left hitman this is what happened today… I bought a brand new PS5 and installed hitman… Very funny but the game crashed exactly at fetching my profile and i still cannot enter my profile and play hitman, please please please help me…


Hitman Freelancer

1 burning man Feature challenge

I used an oil barrel with pistol burned 2 suspects and didn’t get credit I’m at 2/25. Tried oil canister had to use emp to ignite, pistol won’t work.

2 cold Feet challenge. I’m at 4/20

This last time in Santa Fortuna

1/3 targets

After 1 target, I exited but didn’t get credit for cold feet .

3 freelancer coin, I can’t buy it or get it at a shop or win it.

I’m using collector coin, but would like the freelancer coin to complete equipment.

Platform: [PC, Epic]

Description: Ray tracing causes crashing

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enable ray tracing. Reflections only, not sun shadows.
  2. Set reflections to highest settings.
  3. Play any map in any mode
  4. At some random the moment the game crashes. It could be seconds after loading the map, it could be hours after playing.

Frequency: A lot. Nearly with every playthrough.

AMD Ryzen 9 7950X
RTX 4080 16GB

Ever since the release of Freelancer I’ve been (attempting to, at least) playing with ray tracing on (reflections only, no sun shadows). As beautiful as it is, even today with the current version (3.160.0) it is super prone to crash. Some levels more than others it looks like.

I’ve tried many combinations. Enabling/disabling sun shadows, enabling/disabling DLSS (with and without frame generation). No matter what I try, it seems the culprit is the ray tracing option. The game has yet to crash with ray tracing off.

This is a real shame. The game has plenty of shiny surfaces that look incredible with ray tracing on. But in its current state it’s simply flipping a coin whether the game will crash or not. :frowning: