Hitman 3 The Bank and Whittleton Creek changes? [potential spoiler]

So, looking at Hitman 3 achievement lists, it seems that The Bank will be getting 5 new mastery levels which is a noticeable change from Hitman 2. I’m curious, does this mean we might get that golden shotgun as a unlock? I mainly wanted to make this thread to speculate on what might be included as unlocks for these new mastery levels.


Having to post this in every thread, but please could people discuss this without dropping any spoilers for the 6 new levels of HITMAN 3?

I’m totally down for a discussion about potential H3 changes to H1-H2 content like New York, but if this Mastery Level change for The Bank came from some source that also spoils the new H3 levels please can people put spoiler tags on anything relating to the new levels? Thanks!

Back on topic, it would be cool to have some new challenges/mastery thrown in for The Bank, if that is the plan. I’d love some new things to do in the level.


In that case I will place the image of said achievement here so people don’t spoil themselves looking for it elsewhere.
Hitman 2 Bank max mastery achievement:
Hitman 2 Bank Mastery
Hitman 3 Bank max mastery achievement:
Hitman 3 Bank mastery


a proper heist as an opportunity would have been ideal, of course. but any changes are welcome

I changed the title. If you refer to something like the the achievement list then that is still a spoiler, even if you quote only a part of it.


Ah, understood. Sorry about that!

also Whittleton has 20 mastery now apparently


was that what they meant when they said “each mission”? each mission but not every one of them :wink:

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No idea how I managed to miss that, perhaps we should include that in the discussion as well?

Whittleton Creek, New York. I really hope they’ve added in some bonus content…

Edit: Haven was already lvl 20.

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Haven already has 20 mastery. I’m gonna guess they added new suit starting locations and agency pickups and that’s what’s changed for the old levels.


I wouldn’t get hopes up for any changes to the actual level tho (Apart from small tweaks for VR mode, as with all the levels)


Yeah I don’t think they’ll change Athena’s route (except maybe bringing back luring her via the router). They’ll just add new unlocks or startin locations. Maybe making Fabian and Mateo optional target’s? I hope.


Personally, I’m not sure I can picture any new starting locations on those two maps, the maps themselves aren’t as large as the standard level 20 maps. I can think of one or two possible pick up locations but nothing that would change my normal routine when approaching the maps. What I can see is the golden shotgun and rake being possible new weapon candidates but can’t think of much past that. Maybe this is where the “The Undying” playthrough unlocks will end up at, maybe this time with the fabled white earbuds we didn’t get the first time around. I can see Whittleton Creek maybe getting the silenced pistol from Hawkes bay as well as the toy robot and rake while Bank gets the white ear buds, golden shotgun and the exploding pen


I’m wondering if the changes are just content that IO cut originally when it became clear that their original ambitions weren’t going to allow them to achieve previously set deadlines and they have now just gone back and completed that content.

I remember reading something somewhere awhile back that the time frame that Whittleton Creek was put together was quite smaller than any of the other locations in the base game for H2, which if true, would make sense that things that were originally planned were cut.

To me this would make more sense than them going back and making changes for the sake of increasing the mastery levels. Does anyone know if datamining has turned up a lot of buried things in these two locations specifically within H2?


Just had a thought… extremely unlikely, but what if they’ve added new mastery not because of changes to existing stuff, but because they’re adding new stuff to the overall location. What if Whittleton Creek is finally getting that “Outbreak” mission found in the abandoned files?

Again, almost certainly not happening, but is a possible explanation besides “they just wanted to make H2’s maps seem bigger cos people kept complaining about lower mastery = less content”


What does the Outbreak Mission contains? I actually haven’t heard about that yet.

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Maybe it’s an error from the trophy list. Perhaps when they wrote down the trophy description, they did a mistake by putting 20 instead of 15.
If a player carries over its progression and completed challenges, it means that we need to grind 6000 * 5 = 30000 XP through actions (disguise, frisk, kill target… all those small things that award XP). Very unlikely to happen…
And personally I don’t think they will add new challenges.

Currently, I expect nothing new or changes from these maps in H3. But I will be happy if I’m wrong and new items or things are introduced.

IOI already said they are considering making bonus levels for Hitman 3 in the future. I assume the change for Mastery meaning those are the location that have these bonus levels planned for it