Hitman 3 VR on EPIC options

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)I’m trying to launch HITMAN 3 in VR on EPIC. It doesn’t give me any VR options. I contacted epic they say I should contact you for an answer.
Is that so?
In which case can you help, please?

I just checked with my sources (Google, I just did a Google search, lol) and maybe this will help:

If not, I tried. Ok that’s a lie… but I DID give the bare minimum amount of effort I could for an issue I don’t care about. And that’s something. So I’m proud. :joy:

Thanks for trying.
My VR setup is all correct. It’s just that the game itself doesn’t offer any VR options at all.
Don’t know what to do…

Do you have the game bought? VR doesn’t work on the free starter pack.

Well-neigh I have The Game Of The Year edition. But it denies me the VR option….

It isn’t available if you don’t have hitman 3 purchased.

I know. I had the base game and last night I purchased the GOTY edition as well.
So the game itself is up to the notch…