Hitman 3 Will Not Launch

I cannot launch the game. This is incredibly frustrating after just dishing out $60 for a game. I cannot launch the game or the benchmark tool. It simply opens up the Epic Launcher again in an infinite loop.

I have all updated drivers and window. I uninstalled Hitman 3 and Epic Launcher, then reinstalled both from scratch. No luck.

Has anyone gotten this problem fixed?

Windows 10
CPU: i9
GPU: RTX 3090


me too… same error…

Does it turn off in 5 seconds?

  1. click play → screen disappears
  2. wait 5 seconds
  3. epic launcher re-appears

yes …
First look at my question

Let’s wait

Everything updated and not working. Drivers, Windows Epic … Any ideas?

Try checking for Windows and GPU + CPU driver updates

Everything is up to date. Able to play other games fine

Try to filter launcher.exe in any antivirus app

Only using Windows Defender.

I run launcher.exe in admin mode.

I watch what happens in task manager. As soon as click “Play”, the Hitman entry disappears.

I solved
Graphics were updated

What if you run launcher.exe directly? Also try an older gfx driver

same here. Played it 100+ hours. Then from one day to the other it does not launch anymore. already have checked all the drivers, have even uninstalled it two times an downloaded again (what really takes a long time). Uninstalled Epic (with the result that all the games were gone), an reinstalled Hitman3 again - but nothing happens Frustrating

I won’t name it universal cure for all disasters, but sometimes updating BIOS helps launching programs, games included

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Did anyone find the fix? Spent 2 days emailing Epic to still have the same problem… every other game is fine just not Hitman 3

Unless a game has a known universal bug then the answer is always the same… clean drivers, windows update, registry cleaning, deep virus scan, uninstall and reinstall, bios update, etc. etc. If all fails reformat your PC.

I finally got it to work. After the last update it just magically launched. Whatever was breaking mine seems to have been fixed by the update

The game is still not launching for me.
None of the advices or the updates helped.

What just worked for me:

  • Open the %appdata% directory. (Windows menu, type “%appdata”. This puts me in %appdata%\Roaming. Navigate up one level.)
  • Go to %appdata%\Local\IO Interactive\HITMAN3.
  • Delete “ShaderCache.bin”.

Solved…for me. Try to delete this file:C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\IO Interactive\HITMAN3\ShaderCache.bin

The game was working fine until 2 hours ago. Now nothing I do will get it to open. All my drivers are updated, validated the install twice, tried deleting the shader file like suggested above, but still not working. Has there been no response on this issue at all? Are you all still unable to launch it since January?? Very frustrated and worried.