HITMAN 3 - Year 2 Announcement

You know what would be really nice on the base? Buttons like you have in the Benchmark tool that allow you to spawn enemies in, which would allow you to properly put that armory to the test :smiley:


Now we’re talking! And who says Mondays are the worst day of the week!


This was a great to thing to see in my Notifications after finishing work and even better when watching it an Hour later, even though I gotta admit that I wasn’t sure at first if the Thumbnail showed a New Map or a Mendoza Bonus Mission :sweat_smile:

I don’t think theres much more I can really add here that hasn’t already been said, so what gives.

Even though I’m the biggest Graphic Guy, it’ll defenitly be nice to finally have Ray tracing in the Game. PC VR sounds interesting, though idk if I will use it. Never really used VR before.

The ET Arcade sounds really intriguing. By the name of it I wonder if it could be some kind of Tournament Mode, where you complete Contract after Contract until you fail. And the New Map obviously looks stunning, wonder where it would be on the World.


IO is awesome. I think we finally will get the Silverballers back.


Hearing him say “new maps” as in plural…That’s some great news. The ET arcade also sounds extremely promising too. Looking forward to next year.


I’m hoping the same thing :crossed_fingers:t2:

It looks too much of a cool location to not have it feature as a mission with roaming targets! I guess we’ll have to wait for the finer details but at least we know we’re getting new maps regardless.


I’m so so so excited. This is like Christmas! Can’t wait for January now. Thank you IO :sparkling_heart:


Prediction. 47’s safe-house will be free, and will also act as a tutorial for players to test/practice using weapons, as well as get familiar with the controls (i.e. the confounding “shoulder swap” :rofl: ).

And what good is a multi-target shooting gallery without point-shooting? :smirk: I’m still holding out, having faith people.


Agreed. When I saw the sloping roof I immediately though of sneaking up there.

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clemens you and ioi interactive contragrats on 50 million you guys deserved it and i bought ioi merch hoodies and t shirts can’t wait for them to arrive


First day of vacation which I haven’t had in a long time. Then to see the video. Wow. Of course I immediately spent my first vacation day playing Hitman!!! Can’t wait.



Jokes aside tho, those are all great ideas. My addition to that list would be dual wielding. I know I know, the other points on the list are more interesting gameplay-wise, but dual wielding is so burned into my mind when I think of 47, I’d love to be able to do that again.


Fix the remaining issues :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
No really, you can’t go into Year 2 without ironing out the bugs from Year 1 :grin:


IOI: “Sure we can. Watch us.”


The World of Assassination trilogy is getting the final content it deserves! New (snowy!?) maps, permanent Elusive Targets and a swanky hideout for 47 that fans have been asking for since 2006?



So the Co-owner of IO Interactive, Hakan B. Abrak takes over Clemens PR job, to speak in the camera and introduce Hitman III for 2022.

Hakan gushes over how much he appreciates the 50 million players and fans of Hitman, and reveals how IOI plans its payback for all the Hitman III support in 2021 with a new lineup of content for 2022 !!!

You don’t pull out your co-owner with the rollout of future content (usurping Clemens), unless you are willing to stake the reputation of the company on the success of the future content.

All elusive targets are becoming available (I assume that is what is meant) and an emphasis on a whole lotta N E W :
PC VR support, improved visuals like Ray Tracing…

So the Seven Deadly Sins was just a holdover, while a team was working in the background on new content.

And most of us thought the Seven Deadly Sins was the nail in the coffin for the Hitman franchise and trilogy …

This is when it feels great to be wrong.


Calling it now, you roll a random elusive target each round and you’re playing for how long you can keep your mission completion streak going. If you fail you have to start from the start. You get a reward (most likely a suit) for killing a certain amount of targets without failing. Keeps the “think on your feet” playstyle while technically giving you all the ETs.


I’m really glad for the Elusive Target Arcade. I’ve missed so many of them, I can’t wait to get a chance to play them.


Looking forward to Domhnall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac doing interview sessions with 47 to see whether he can pass the Turing Test, before 47 stabs Isaac and leaves Gleeson locked alone in the house to die as he flies off to go and people-watch at a busy intersection wearing a lovely floaty dress.


… Wtf?

I can’t wait for “Slippin’” Jimmy McGill, a.k.a. Saul Goodman, to send Mike Ehrmentraut into to find the money the Kettlemans stole, only to find out 47 lives there instead.