Hitman 3, Year 2 - November Roadmap

With The Appraiser having been dealt with for the eighth time, it’s time to face a new month of content. Freelancer is confirmed not coming for a few more months, but we do know that the closed technical test will be from the 3rd to the 7th, for the lucky few of the PC master race (:smiling_face_with_tear:).

Apart from that, anything goes. Could we get another patch this month, and if so, what would be in it? This month makes Codename 47 22 years old, or, if you’re possibly interested, makes Absolution 10 and Kane & Lynch 1 15, so maybe there will be something to commemorate that? What theme will the inevitable featured contracts be based off? Which elusive targets will return, either in the arcade or as year 2 editions, now that the season 2 & 3 targets have been effectively used up? What new unlocks will there be, and most importantly, WHICH LOCATION WILL BE IN THE FREE STARTER PACK!?

November has arrived and with it comes the HITMAN 3 November Roadmap. Winter is coming (for the northern hemisphere at least) so now is the perfect time to stay indoors and play some HITMAN.

This month you’ll find 4 new unlocks, a new escalation, fables and more. Let’s take a closer look at what’s to come this November in HITMAN 3.

November 3: Elusive Target Arcade

On November 3 we’ve got a new exploding unlock coming your way with November’s first Elusive Target Arcade! Complete one of the two new Arcades and you’ll unlock a vial of nitroglycerin.

Highly explosive, even in small doses.

November 10: New Escalation “The Halliwell Fable”

Once upon a time there was an old mother pig who had three little pigs and not enough food to feed them. So when they were old enough, she sent them out into the world to seek their fortunes…

Have you ever wondered how the Three Little Pigs would look in the HITMAN universe? Well now’s your chance. The Halliwell Fable is the Three Little Pigs HITMAN 3 style. Complete this completely new escalation set in Berlin, and you’ll unlock the Big Bad Wolf.

Be the predator in the open light, with this elegant dark suit, blue striped tie, white gloves and the “pièce de resistance” – a sturdy dark wolf mask. An outfit that will not only make you seem dangerous and mysterious, but elegant as well.

November 10: New Challenge “Been there done that”

November 10 brings more new swagger for you to wear. Been there done that is a new challenge on the Dartmoor Garden show.

Complete it and you’ll unlock the Florida Fit With Gloves. A smart casual outfit featuring a light polo shirt with blue trim and tailored pants. Matching leather loafers and stylish gloves complete the look.

November 17: Elusive Target Arcade

The second batch of Elusive Target Arcade in November also brings an exploding factor.

The Ancestral Fountain Pen can be yours, when you complete one of the ETAs. This pen is ideal for throwing, signing a lease or blowing up your arch nemesis.

November 17: Location Rotation: A House Built on Sand

Return to Marrakesh in the dark of night and experience one of the ‘bonus missions’ from HITMAN 1 for a limited time in the location rotation. With new targets to eliminate and challenges to complete, this reworked version of Marrakesh promises fresh experiences and new fortunes.

November 18: Elusive Target: The Ascensionist (Year 2 Edition)

On November 18 it’s time to travel back to Dubai and track down the perfect con artist, who will do anything to climb the social ladder. The Ascensionist has swindled and killed her way to Dubai and this is where you come in.

She’ll be visiting the Burj Al Ghazali for 10 days starting November 18.

November 24: Featured Contracts

Once upon a time…

What is the perfect HITMAN fable? Well, now you have the scene to create one. On November 24 we’ll feature 6 contracts created by the community. The theme is Fribilous Fables, and we task you the creators to come up with the perfect HITMAN Fable.

How to get your Contract Featured: It can be based on a super creative briefing, a cool idea or just a plain fun contract. But bear in mind: They have to be inspired by Fribilous Fables to be taken into consideration.

Time to find your inner writer. The Submissions open on November 4 – right here: hitmanforum.

November 25: Elusive Target: The Entertainer (Year 2 Edition)


Mr Giggles was the final Elusive Target in HITMAN 1 and he’s back on the streets for another round. Your objectives: eliminate him and retrieve his client list. Simple. He’ll be roaming the dimly-lit streets of Marrakesh by night for 10 days starting November 25.

HITMAN 3: Freelancer Closed Technical Test

November will also feature the Closed Technical Test of HITMAN 3: Freelancer.

If you want to know more about how to participate then read more here.


Absolution is 10?? whattt…

I think this will be a dry month. Maybe some winter themed content.

Wouldn’t mind patching in where 47 doesn’t automatically crouch when you do some things such as vaulting


the subject 47 please and the florida fit with gloves for people who missed out it


I’ll settle for the tactical turtleneck with gloves and the Fixer ET.


I want the sensation jonthan smythe

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A Paris ET would be nice.


There’s actually probably going to be a bunch of nice stuff this month, to help further build up the hype and the player base for freelancer. That, and with the holidays around and multiple anniversaries coming up here I think people will like what’s in store.

Little to no chance tbh. Patches have been spaced out three months or so for over a year now, so I wouldn’t expect to see another one until late-January with Freelancer’s release.

I’m expecting another standard for 2022 (read: boring) roadmap, there’s only four weeks for them to fill so we’ll likely get two Elusive Targets, a new batch for Arcade contracts and a new set of Featured Contracts. Only other variation that we could see would be three ETs and no FCs, but I’d say that is quite unlikely.

My guess is the roadmap will be out November 3rd

There’s REDACTED from the leaks that I think will probably be in November, but other than that it’ll most likely be the standard 2-3 ETs, 1 ET Arcade, and 1 FC batch. I predict The Ascensionist - Year 2 will be in November along with a free Dubai and the other one will probably be a Paris ET since there’s still 7 of them that haven’t been ran as normal ETs yet, 5 of which have appeared in the Arcade already.

I would love to see a smaller patch in late November/early December that fixes some of the bugs (especially fully fixing Hokkaido’s map), but chances are there won’t be any patch until January 26


Really hoping we get a special unlock for Codename 47’s 22nd anniversary, something like the brown suitcase he has in that game or 47’s player model from that game as a suit unlock…

That’s… very specific. :thinking:

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The Florida fit with gloves is irrevocably tied to The Undying so no just no.

no not the undying maybe a challenge one of the hitman 3 map like the dartmoor garden show

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Wow, that’s true! Cool that there’s two anniversaries in a row.

I was never expecting an Agent 17 unlock as a random suit unlock. I was thinking we’d be getting more of those fan-favourites saved for Freelancer as the “finale/celebration of HITMAN and the Hitman series”, but clearly that’s not IOI’s plan sooooo…

Quick @MrOchoa! What’s the most iconic outfit from C47 you’d love to see brought back for H3?

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Shame Travis said he had made it a personal goal to make it (and the other unlocks originally tied to The Undying) available in H3 then… :grimacing:


I want the Signature Suit Mk. I & II, the Tropical Islander, the swimsuit, arkian robes, skydiving suit (they all count as suits in contracts mode), casual tourist with hat from beta, new yorker with hat and permanent noir filter, the dubai cutscene suit, the pumpkin suit but with 47’s head in it now or the absolution scarecrow suit, the crow/red bird suit, the chipmunk suit, the buttoned blood money suit, the white parka from h2sa, the butcher suit and I WANT IT ALL THIS MONTH or I’m cancelling my preorder of Hitman 3!

Lol jk but still it’d be a good idea to give us some of those as unlocks. the work’s already done AND it’d add new stuff to the game to get people suddenly excited even for dumb challenges


The first of these threads where I’m not asking for the banana.

I still would like an Ambrose escalation. I’m only asking for one.


If you don’t know

The maps that don’t have any ETs are:

Miami (No longer no more)
New York
Haven Island

The maps with a single ET:

The Icon (The Bad Boy)
A House Built On Sand (The Ententainer)
Hawkes Bay (The Politician)
Santa Fortuna (The Revolutionary)
Whittleton Creek (The Serial Killer)
Dubai (The Ascentionist)
Berlin (The Liability)
Chongqing (The Rage)

All of these H2 and H3 maps couldv’e used some new ETs (except The Politician), I’m sick of replaying the same ETs over and over, this is recycling.


Pablo’s Suit, Boris’ Hawaii Shirt, the Rotterdam Mercenaries with the Gas masks.

Also @Franz signature look :eyes: