Hitman: Blood Money — Reprisal

After getting off the elevator, if you break the switchboard, you will be in the dark, and then two women bump into each other in the dark.
At that time, it seems that the silent assassin disappears.
Therefore, I had to quickly throw a coin between the two women to avoid a collision in the dark.
This is on the PC version, and I have not tried it on the “Reprisal” version, so I do not know if it is possible or not.
Sorry if this is not what you intended with your question.


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Could be. I have no idea if they did and cant reload the save now, but I’ll keep that in mind for when i ultimately retry it!

My thoughts on “Blood Money Reprisal”.
I think it was a wise decision to add “same controls as the latest game,” “intuitive,” and a “mini-map.”
I felt that these made the game considerably easier to play.
If I had to say something, it would have been better if there was a “Silent Assassin HUD” and a “Witness HUD”, a “Noise HUD” and a “Violent HUD”.

Conversely, if I had to raise a drawback, it would be that it became difficult to pick up the gun when it overlapped with an NPC.
I also wish that the difficulty in using wires, injections, and human shields when the camera is facing the wrong way would have been the same as in the latest version, instead of remaining the same as in the PC version.
Also, I would have liked to hear Swan Lee’s “Tomorrow never dies” played during the staff roll, not by blocking out the background music, but by playing it all the way through or fading it out.

I felt that if these were added or improved in future updates, this would be a wonderful remastering.

Translated at DeepL.


Turns out that absolutely happens in Reprisal! https://vxtwitter.com/The_Elite_MYT/status/1751690112805789835

…however, I still ended up with Professional.

To walk you through what I did:
*Used the coin to distract the guards near the start. Ran inside the building before they turned around.
*Inside, I threw a coin onto the wooden floor. As the gangster walked up, I pushed him over and rendered him unconscious.
*Upstairs I attracted the two guards and knocked unconscious. Arranged a falling accident to negate being spotted.
*Human shielded and knocked out the scientist and placed in a bin. Took disguise and keycard.

  • After passing the security check, I lured the guard outside inside with a coin and then human shield + knocked out
  • Returning back to my suit, I opened the door to get the other guy’s attention and then arranged a happy accident back in the previous room
  • Returned to the elevator. Dropped down and pushed the fella over. Had to save scum since most of the time it seems to alert the nearby guards.
  • Cut the electric and did the coin trick to stop the girls from being idiots. Human shielded the guy as he went to investigate the light and then knocked him out too.
  • Inside the toilet, I took out the peeing guy and lured the other three so I could knock out them too.
  • climbed up and jumped down. Ran to the office so I could knock out and accident kill the guard, the lady, and the guy who had followed me from outside.
  • Shot the target through the door.
  • Inside the final room, I knocked out all four guards and the girl and killed all with accidents.
  • Exited

AFAIK, according to Blood Money rules, that should have been SA, right?

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With the way you walk, it seems to me that you could get an SA.

I don’t know if this will help, but here is a video I once used as a reference to get an SA on the PC version.

This is an area that I can’t determine if it is directly related to SA,
It may have something to do with whether or not the lawyer who blindfolded you in the first place realized that you were going to knock out the gang.
I thought it was impossible for a blindfolded lawyer to see me,
After watching this video, I was knocking out a gangster, I was careful not to let him know, just in case.


Hey guys does anyone else have an issue where they cant scroll down past like 4 or 5 weapons in the mission prep screen? The unlocked ones that you bring back like the f2000 and the desert eagle etc

They show up in the hideout which is how i know i have them but i cant scroll down enough to them in the kruger schmidt screen.

I finally bought it for Switch and am thrilled I can disable things like instinct, the mini map but turn on gyro.

So far it has ticked all the boxes I wanted and I haven’t started the game yet.


I don’t know if this is a console specific issue or if this is just a remaster exclusive issue, but I hate how hard it is to do simple things like syringing people or using human shields.

The game feels really clunky but I also say this as someone with hundred’s if not thousands of hours on the PC version with keyboard and mouse.

Still despite my issues I do love having this on the go. It’s something I wanted a decade ago when things like MGS collection got Vita ports.


Man, I wish this (Hitman BM) came to Vita. I would love to have an excuse to dust it off.