Hitman Codename 47 Remastered in Hitman 3

I Wish Hitman Codename 47 levels in Hitman 3 as DLC Content.
Who agreed with my?


They can just remaster Contracts, right @MrOchoa? :wink:


This Game Remastered as DLC is a great idea too :v: :v:

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They’ll just cram it into an escalation.

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With the demand or wish for a remaster/HD-remake of the classic Hitman games, I like to revive this topic. I still hope that one day IO decides to remaster the old Hitman games but this time on their Glacier Engine. They would have the controls and mechanics of the WOA-Games but the story, maps and everything else of the older games.
I guess this would appeal to a lot of newer Hitman-Fans who never played the older games. It wouldn’t even mean a lot of new work for IO as there are plenty of specialized studios out there for this job (and some of them are doing a great job, like Bluepoint Games).

Would you buy such a remake/remaster of an old game on a new engine like Glacier?

  • Yes
  • No

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Is that even a question?

(Well, I guess it depends on what the other forum members think, because I want to see what the core audience thinks of it first)


I always said that I never played pre-Absolution games and have absolutely no interest playing them because I don’t like their graphics, mechanics and all the other stuff about old engine.
But I will absolutely eat them on the new engine (perhaps even Glacier 3).
So definitely yes


I only want an graphic upgrade.

Of course this would be quite expensive. I’ve read in an article that the remake for Final Fantasy VII costs about $140 million. I guess Hitman would be a little bit cheaper but still a big risk.

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If such a thing is in the work, I want them to try and be faithful to the original levels and game mechanics. This doesn’t mean they can’t expand or such but no reimagining like in Contracts.

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I think they can add onto the existing levels, like adding new mission stories and climbing routes but still fateful to the original. The real question is how they will actually bring those levels to the new hitman formula, since they’re very much different (how will they make the secret basement in Lee Hong’s Assassination if they don’t have lifts).

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By adding lifts?
It’s not that the engine can’t support them, it’s just that devs thought lifts were unnecessary in the WoA levels.

They can remake the levels to be more modern but the original ideas should be kept. Say Hello to my Little Friend for example. Big military base in the middle of the jungle, mansion in the middle with the target, a underground lab and the runway. It doesn’t have to be a copy :stuck_out_tongue:

I would also like the old weapon shop to be brought back. Play better, earn more, buy better gear for missions.

A good example of a good remake is still Black Mesa. :smiley: